Monday, March 1, 2010

The Improper Adoptee — Cyberstalker, You're Going to JAIL.

Changing the location of your libel and abuse does not make it any different. You are getting a police visit, this week, and you cannot avoid it. You fail to be reasonable. You've resumed your online abuse and I'm not going to allow you to continue… and neither are the Orleans Police.

I've already sent the first part over to the Orleans, Massachusetts Police Dept., and since you have decide that you do indeed want to spend the night in a jail cell and then be charged with harassment and stalking, I'm now creating a full page PDF of your blog and sending that to the Officers, as well as JPEG format.

It's close to a year that this had all been over. What is wrong with you that you must rehash it and cause trouble? Are you anxious to spend time in a cell, then a court room?

It's different this time, Ms. McNutjobboy. It's all very different. This time around, I'm making sure you can never touch a computer, let alone blog. You are a threat to society. You abuse people using your computer. Let the justice system take away your only means of abuse, harassment and happiness — your computer; your tool for creating evil and disrupting other people's lives. Your little machine filled with evidence that will put you in a mental hospital for enough time for you to stew over your wrongs. That stupid PC you use to write and post libel and hate crimes is going to be your demise.

Yeah, that won't work. The Cybercrimes Unit can get all your history back, and more. 

I will smile, and I'll smile in your face as you walk by me, because I will be there to watch them charge you with crimes in your own state.


If anyone questions the validity of my side of this harassment, stalking and online libel case, please call:
Orleans Police Department
90 S. Orleans Road
Orleans, MA 02653
Phone: 508-255-0117
Officer Higgins
Refer to the case of the local woman who posts harassment and libel online, and had a New Yorker send files to them.