Thursday, April 8, 2010

Drama Queen. Move On.

The Liebelous Drama Queen Claims She's Coming to an End. HURRAH!

I'd love it more than anything if she went to another blog site and started fresh. Seriously! It'd be good for her and everyone else. She's psychologically ill. A fresh start might help her.

Maybe she'll begin anew without mentioning AMY BURT so often, too? Marilyn McAboy—The VERY Improper Adoptee—knows that Amy and I are friends and have been for a long time. We sorted everything quite some time ago; exchanged emails, spoke on the phone, discussed things that had nothing to do with this crazed mental case that feeds off of posting our names repeatedly because it makes her feel good about herself (since nothing else does).

But back to the topic. I've not logged onto any of Amy's blogs in so long, I'd have to assume that the last time was when she threatened me with an arsenal and weaponry, and then lied about having her local cops on 24/7 ranch watch... for ME. Amy and I didn't know each other back then, and Amy just took whatever "Kat McAboy" told her as the truth. Eventually, Amy looked into everything herself, and came to her own conclusions. After confronting The Improper Adoptee, their friendship fell apart. Amy was treated unkindly by Marilyn/Improper Adoptee, and Improper Adoptee ignored Amy's emails and all Amy's attempts to contact her and get "Kat" to be rational—or to show even a shred of compassion and honesty. Kat McAboy (Marilyn's alias) was enraged by Amy's requests to removed from her crazy blog, and she lashed out at Amy. Amy and I realize that this woman likes what she does and has no intention of giving up her one true pleasure in life—being an attention whore and drama queen while abusing handfuls of people, mostly strangers. It's where she gets her energy...harassing and lying about other people is Improper Adoptee's main source of lifeforce.

Look at this. Libel. Sick, cruel, disturbed ramblings of a mentally ill woman who needs help so desperately, but refuses it in any form.

LOL, you lunatic.

Back when I posted on Trollcats, the admin took a look at after I told him that I was being stalked hardcore by a psycho. The person behind Trollcats made the graphic that to this very day, Improper Adoptee says I made, and claims I made it to push her to suicide. That's just fucking insane. McAboy is still ranting about the meme and the thread, which took place in 2010. No surprise there. She's still ranting about Myspace!

That's for you, Improper. Now please... enjoy your new blog. Stay on topic!

LOL, look, he were are, hacking IA's computer! HAHA!!!