Saturday, May 29, 2010

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish!

I'm glad this woman is off to blog elsewhere, but her blog was a hilarity. The woman doesn't even GOOGLE anything. If I was going to open my mouth, IRL or online, I'd Google first if i didn't know what I was talking about. Onto the idiocy that Marilyn wrote.

Asinine things she said about me, e.g. pulled out of her ass once again:

I'm an ex-Marine.
(one of my favorites.)

That's I was hacking her computer and that's why her Blogger add-ons didn't all function.

ANYTHING referring to Amy Burt.

That I "bragged" I was a heavy partier and "punk-rocker."

Verbally abused her or her friend "Unknown" by calling her a "Douchenozzle."
(IA doesn't watch the Sarah Silverman show. LOL)

That I hacked her computer and saw her desktop, which was obviously how I knew she kept "Googling" "Amy Burt" via AOL. (I saw it as keywords from her IP on the tracker installed on my blog. She Searched with AOL's search, using Amy's full name, her own full name, and a handful of words such as bastards, adopted bully, bastard liars, spookie is hacker, Amy Burt [she searched her full email address, which I won't put here publicly] and other search terms and words)

The list goes on, but the real funny stuff is the delusional libel she posts. She never once mentions the real blog I keep active. Marilyn doesn't keep a blog for animal rights and rescue. she only keeps blogs for bashing adopted parents and posting abuse and libel towards me.

She is a paranoid delusional. She really believes I hacked her computer. She probably did spend money to purchase a new piece of crap Windows PC and get all new cables run into her home from another provider. She did pay for a service that is a scam; it suckers unknowing computer users into buying "packages" to "protect" their email, system, etc. It's a scam. She could've bought the whole nine yards and all it will do is cause her grief, not protect her. IT'S A SCAM SITE. And yes, she fell for it. If there were actually hackers who gave a crap about this woman's nutty info, they could still access her shitbox. No one would want to.

I leave this blog entry now with some god news. Two friends recently adopted an adorable, sweet infant. He was unwanted by his mother and would have gone to foster. His birth Mom had 6 months to change her mind, and was asked numerous times. She said no, she said she couldn't do it... not again. She has 5 already and the sixth was too much. Her boyfriend found out she was pregnant and left her. She wanted and demanded that a good couple adopt her son. It's an open adoption and all the original paperwork is safely filed. Photos are sent, phone calls made... none of this will ever change, because they already had it all worked out long before they told me of the adoption plans.

p.s. Marilyn McAmoron: Sensei was my Karate teacher. HE served in Okinawa, you knucklehead. Next time, use your stupid AOL search for "sensei."

Never bragged about anything, but yes, I went to clubs often over 20 years ago, but never "partied" much, you daft fool. I was the straight arrow amongst the music scene. I never, never said I was a punk rocker. I think you heard that in a Ramones song, and her name was Sheena.

No drugs, no drinking, no nothing. But YOU... please get on psychotropics!!! Haldol. Risperdal. ANYTHING at this point. You're a nut case like no other.

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