Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hilarious Libel as Opposed to Harassment. The Improper Adoptee Blogs Lies Without Showing PROOF, Even When it's Hilarious Nonsense.

Hilarious Libel as Opposed to Harassment. The Improper Adoptee Blogs Lies Without Showing PROOF, Even When it's Hilarious Nonsense.

Marilyn McImproper AbNormal says:

Marilyn McAboy, PLEASE, post some pictures or proof. I laughed my ass off reading that when you posted it. Where did you get this delusion from? Seven inches long, huh? That's hilarious!!! How did I type? Draw? Write? Exactly, you fool! You made this up and don't realize how asinine a lie it is? Grow up! Onto the next retarded fib of yours... where did you get the "prides herself (it's one word you idiot) on being a tough Long Islander punk rocker, Hell's Angel's biker type, leather jackets..." Where, you weirdo? I never said it, so where did it come from? Did it blow out you ass? I've never been "tough," and I've never been on a motorcycle! I never met a Hell's Angel. LOL!!! You must trip on some wild drugs, crazy lady! And I DO realize you're an ignorant and deranged fool, but I'll fill you in on something since you live under a rock. Many women these days use vegan dyes of colors at my age. You need to get out of the house and get around! Like I'd said before, why not volunteer! You see, you don't even know about the animal rights movement, or people involved. You know NOTHING. Purple hair, red hair, any color hair... it means nothing. You just want to make it mean something so you can fantasize. You're a sick, demented perv. CREEPY!

2013: This severely mentally disturbed woman has not once posted any proof to back up her extraordinary claims made against me, whether they be hideously libelous or hilariously ridiculous. All the blabbering she rants about on her supposed "adoptee rights" blog, which is really a hate blog made to victimize me specifically, and has been since it's inception in 2008, has no factual content and this manic psychopath has never once provided anyone who reads her insane rants with solid proof: all this mentally ill, but calculated stalker does do is provide her own words, mere words on the screen, and claim that her words are proof and truths...and that, folks, is just not enough. Not when myself and others have actual documented proof of this woman harassing us, stalking us and cyberbullying us—relentlessly.

Since my posting this, The Improper Adoptee aka Marilyn McAboy—a serious cyberpath—has updated this hilarious comment she made. Here's a screenshot directly from her harassing defamatory blog:

It's all too apparent that this sicko has no idea what she posts. She's now edited her lies to include Amy Fisher. All I have in common with Amy Fisher is that we both grew up on Long Island. Amy never acted like a "tough Long Guylander Punk Rocker," and neither did I. 

The Improper Adoptee is holding a long-standing grudge against me for banning her from STOP Cruelty Against Animals, a long gone anti-animal cruelty group that was on Myspace many years ago, before users left en mass for Facebook. Not only did she get herself banned (by my moderator account "Mittens the Cat"), she found herself unable to log in to Myspace at all one day, because she had violated their Terms of Service repeatedly and they terminated her account. When she created a new account, they terminated it. She was a repeat offender, cyberbullying and harassing users constantly, sending private messages telling users she wished they would die, or they would kill themselves. There were dozens of users who reported this woman for abuse and harassment on Myspace. I alone didn't get her permanently banned from their site. She had made many people so uncomfortable and even afraid that law enforcement was informed of her behavior even back then. Even before I had any idea who this sick, deluded woman was. She was harassing people long before she joined my animal rights group. She chose me to victimize because I wouldn't allow her to continue to abuse the group, and because she snapped. She said point blank, "NO adoption is acceptable." I said to her, "Children who are victims of horrible situations and left without parents or relatives need families, and in their cases, adoption is all they have." She said no. She's edited her blog now to reflect my viewpoint, but only because so many people were turned off by her "NEVER AT ALL! NOT EVEN IF THE CHILD HAS NO FAMILY LEFT AT ALL" stance on adoption. 

Again, just the idiotic comment claiming my nails were 7" long and that I wear leather jackets and look like a punk rocker (and if I was a "punk rocker" how does this make a person "weird and evil?!?") is enough to tip anyone off that this is just a severely sick person who makes things up, posts her lies to the public and then pretends she's been hurt by evil and strangeness...of animal rights activists and music. If you use vegan hair dyes, you're evil, weird and have sex with cats. If you're vegan and you support animal liberation, you're a satanic monster. That's what Marilyn McAboy will tell you, and has posted numerous times in the last two years. Not once did I pick on her for not being vegan (years ago in my group on Myspace). In fact, there was a rule on the main page informing vegans to not flame non-vegans or start fights with those who weren't vegan. My group was to create change, and any negative behavior would only scare people away. Showing users what animal cruelty was and how they could help stop it was one of the key issues. Supporting a vegan lifestyle was another. A topic to help people go vegetarian was pinned. It helped hundreds upon hundreds go veg*n. To come into that group and post about human adoption was off-topic, and on the main page was a rule just like the other rules of conduct for the group. No off-topic rants or creation of topics that were not about the group's directive. "StepfordChild" -- The Improper Adoptee, refused to follow the rules for months and created chaos. I asked her politely and nicely to use a different approach in my group. I helped this sick woman by deleting posts that mocked her and her profile, posts that made The Improper Adoptee go completely nutters. I stood up for her as a member of my group for quite some time, until she snapped. My having a friend who was happy with her adoption was "Stepford Child's" (Marilyn McAboy) breaking point. To this day, she claims it's a made up lie TO HURT HER. This woman takes everything around her, even things on the internet and she sees them as tools used to directly hurt her or to make her feel like killing herself (she says this often; that she feels like killing herself). She needs the help of a professional, but she sees all people who help the mentally ill as abusers. The Improper Adoptee will never be happy and will never get help...unless someone forces her to get the help she so desperately needs in order to heal—and to stop abusing and harassing strangers online.