Friday, June 25, 2010

The Improper Adoptee and Her "Amyadoptee" Comments.

The Improper Adoptee has mentioned "Kite Kamp Girl," also known as "Amyadoptee" over 40 times in the last dozen blog entries and sidebars about me. There is no rationale for this, as I've had no interaction with this woman at all. The Improper Adoptee calls Amy by her full name — Amy Burt. Amy Burt is fully aware that I've not been to any of HER blogs in years. The Improper Adoptee insists that Amy Burt claims I have logged onto her blogs regularly, and I've made her "fear for her life." M, Amy knows I never logged onto her blog for years. Amy also knows I haven't said anything about her on any forums. PLEASE STOP DISCUSSING AMY and REFERRING TO ME on YOUR BLOG. IT'S ALL LIBEL.

Improper Adoptee — you say I visit blogs a lot? Oooooooh. Well, below? That's YOU. I also can see times, pages, proxy usage, browser used, and soooooo much more. I used an older bit of information because I want you to sweat it out. Ha ha.

Multiple visits spread over more than one day
Returning Visits: 368
Location: Orleans, Massachusetts, United States
Comcast Cable (

Improper Adoptee, I see you logging in. I know your silly service you paid for. It showed up right after you bragged about it. I also see your buddy. Her IP changed. I suspect an LOL is in order?

Lastly, the Admin and Owner of Trollcats made that little mockery of a pic. Not me, but Trollcats. I didn't make the image. I made the suggestion for a "trollcat about stalkers" and guess what? YOU ARE ONE! I'm glad it bothers you so much, becasuse everything on that site is a joke, and most of the internet "is a threat" to you and "makes you fear for your your life," yet YOU TELL PEOPLE TO KILL THEMSELVES ONLINE, YOU THREATEN PEOPLE, YOU SEND (holding in LOLS) "NATIVE DEATH CURSES and YOU, Fucktard, TELL PEOPLE TO DIE, GET KILLED, GO TO HELL, ETC. on A DAILY BASIS.

Go FUCK YOURSELF, you Sexually Deviant Cyberstalker Freak.

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