Tuesday, June 22, 2010

MARCH 17, 2010 Crazy Said: "I'm Leaving Blogger......" Then DO IT Already!

Marilyn McAboyamisoabnormal said she was leaving Blogger: 

I'm Leaving Blogger......
Well, we're all waiting! It's the end of June. For the love of DOG, leave, you nutcase.

And I rather keep that up to date than deal with YOUR MENTAL PROBLEMS.

My son is in school full-time now. He has been for a while and he loves it. That does NOT mean I have all the time in the world for YOU. I volunteer for animal rights causes. You didn't read that part, did you? No, of course not. You're far too busy making up incredibly insane fairy tales. 

I work full-time as well. Do you? No, you don't. you don't even hold a job. You mooch off of society. Since you don't work, and you have no children at home, why not do some volunteer work? You claim to love animals. You claimed, years ago, to be an animal lover and activist. The activist part turned out to be untrue. You're not even vegan. We in the ARA community doubt you are even vegetarian. All you ever did was report bulletins. You were basically a slug in a chair doing nothing but copy/paste/post.

By the way, mentally ill, non-medicated freak: my friends who are black? They call themselves black and do NOT call themselves "African-American." That cracked them up. Sorry, kook, but we're in New York and they're black, some friends are Hispanic, some say Latino/a, others say "Asian," some say things you'd just twist into some sick, demented shit and try to use as "proof" of your crazy, insane and delirious accusations. 

You need serious professional help, and you know it, somewhere in that sick, disturbed mind of yours. you ARE indeed a flipped-out frenzied mad woman who comes up with preposterous stories and dwells on the ridiculous!


You have more than "issues,"
Ms. McAbnormal.
You are CRAZY.
"Amy, Amy, Amy, Amy." 
Are you two lovers?
okay, lovebirds!

I think you need to check yourself into a long-term facility. I'm not joking. The absurd libel you come up with in your blog entries in just proof of how mentally unstable you have become since you began harassing me years ago. NO ONE BACKS YOU UP. You have never posted any proof of any sort, regarding your accusations. You supply nothing to support that you are actually telling the truth. On the other hand, I do supply proof and I've always done so. I have PDF's, JPG's, emails and private messages, all proving that you are a very bad person.

You can post over and over again, 500 times if you like, that the police never came to pay you a visit — TWICE — but a fact is a fact. You cried hysterically and were told to leave me alone. YOU were the one who told the detectives — no, BEGGED THEM — to PLEASE ASK ME to remove my blog AFTER YOU TAKE DOWN EVERY SINGLE MENTION OF ME. You did NOT comply. My removal of this blog was to be as a favor to you. You refused to stop. REFUSED. And then, after 6+ months of silence (possibly more), you resurfaced to start harassing me again. You are going to suffer for the rest of your miserable and shitty life. I am glad you are a victim of closed records. You're a miserable, evil woman and you deserve nothing good. Had you been a nice person, you'd already have good thing happening to you. Nothing good happens to cruel, evil humans that often... only to a few. You are the perfect example. You made your bed. Lie in it and sulk.

You are obsessed with me, and you're obsessed with Amy Burt, but in a different way. You're severely nuts. By the way, kooky, PLEASE prove all this nonsense you keep posting about Amy. WE ARE ALL EVER SO CURIOUS TO SEE YOUR BS. You have nothing, so please, make somthing up, and remember, no text! Let's see screenshots, PDF's, JPG's... links! Prove it all, MacAbnormal.

I will NOT ask you again.

Looks like I asked you nicely. This proves you're a nasty bitch. Now please, go fuck yourself.

Oh, outcast freak, here's the bestiality blog you DID admit to creating. I don't have time to post ALL of it at the moment, but here's some of YOUR WORK as YOU ADMITTED TO THE POLICE DEPT. of ORLEANS, MA, okay?

Oops. I almost forgot the blog entry you posted about the Germans not finishing the job. You were proud of that one, weren't you?

You know I saved EVERYTHING since the day you sent that first post about the kid who posted his phone number on MySpace. You screwed yourself. You have no proof I ever wronged you, but I have over 230mb's of PDF's proving you are a sick bitch.

p.s. You are far more than technically challenged. You're INSANE.
The Improper Adoptee P.S. What is a 3rd party template? (can you tell I am technically challenged?:)

The Improper Adoptee said: "Feb 28, 2010 ... SPOOKIE IS ALL OVER THE INTERNET IN 100 PLACES, ALSO AS MITTENS THE CAT(AND POSSIBLY OTHER HANDLES)" Hahahahahaha, oh, you are so nuts. "Mittens the Cat" is the MySpace moderator for "STOP Cruelty Against Animals, and *Cat Lovers* — it's an animal rescue and rights profile. Are you seriously that out of your damn skull? YES.
"ALL OVER THE INTERNET IN 100 PLACES…" Listen FREAK, YOU might be smoking meth all day and night, but I don't do drugs. No wonder you're delusional, you hit the stem to keep yourself on 100 different sites all the time. Wacky!

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