Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mittens the Cat. WOW, What a "Stalking Hacker and Troll." HAHA!

This is the Mittens the Cat MySpace profile. 
It's a moderator's account for two groups for animals — STOP Cruelty Against Animals and *Cat Lovers*. Hardly a "hacker and troll account" as The Improper Adoptee would have everyone believe.

It's hardly a troll profile. The fact that this lunatic tried to claim it is makes her look just like the pathological liar I've called her out to be. 

And a p.s. to IA: I have no idea who "Pagan Bunny" is, so keep yapping. Seriously... no idea! I think you just spew shit to try to make you stories from "twisted fantasy island in your mind" seem real. I'm also not friends with anyone who is a "Bee Mommie" and I don't know what that term even means. Ha! NO IDEA! Laurie the "Bee Mommie?" Are you serious? Sorry lady, but I deal with cats, dogs, rats and animals that need rescue, saving and other ARA issues. You seriously need to make up some realistic fables.

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