Saturday, June 26, 2010


Dear Improper Adoptee,

I get it now. But please, don't take it the wrong way, because I don't care. After all these years of your asinine and delusional accusations (and you both know I never visited her blog), while on Blog Catalog, I clicked on your buddy's blog via the listings under her name on MY page and read some. If this is why you are constantly mentioning her, you need to find a different reason. Today was THE first time I ever saw that blog, and it's the last. I don't need to know the details of that stuff.

So, please, get a grip on reality — the real reality, not your version — and post the facts, you nutjob. While at it, please stop mentioning that woman's name in connection with mine. That whole "scene" I read about? Keep me out of it. You must be happier than a pig in a muddy puddle that she is now much like you, huh? Go pray for her, IA. Oh, and instead of putting all your energy into stalking and harassing me, why not put some time and energy into helping your friend? Or are you her friend at all?

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