Monday, June 21, 2010

When You're Insane… Crazy Pops Out of Your Brain... She's Insane.

More Pathological lies and delusions from the mentally ill mind of The Improper Adoptee.
Notice that once again, she is bashing on Kristina (from Sweden) and "Adopted Jane." (and I have no idea, so please, don't ask.) To this day, I've never been to Amy Burt's blog, so this insane, crazy person's ramblings about Amy are simply concoctions of her sick mind and her obsession. It truly is a shame that family has never stepped in and intervened; used some loving force to get this woman to go on medication to help with her insanity. But that's not my problem and after all the harassment and horrible abuse... I don't care. 

One day, she'll lose everything, and end up homeless. It'll be what she deserves, for all the hateful abuse she forced upon all the people — the strangers — that she came across on the internet and pretended to friend. Those people who tried to help her, who were nice to her, and who reached out to her, only to be abused and bullied for months to years. Let Marilyn spend the rest of her life in a worse misery than she is in now. 

And who the hell is "Pagan Bunny?"
BTW, the Trollcats image was not created by me, but by the website, and I used it. How this demented woman came up with the statement, "…picture is being used by spookie to threaten my life…" is just mentally deranged!
As for Amy Burt. Let's be serious for a moment. I've hardly ever dealt with Amy. Amy bullied me without warrant, and I told her off. That was years ago. There's been no interaction since. All this crap "Improper" posts about is fantasy. The same goes the libel she blogs about anyone anything concerning the "Adoption Bloggerland." That's just not my forte and she knows it. Everyone knows it. I'm an Animal Rights Activist. It has nothing to do with her issues. I have no time for her issues. When she first came after me like a rabid psycho, I did go to a few of the blogs (e.g. Marley's) to at least learn about the subject, but after that, that was it. Done! All these other names she drops (Kali, Theresa, Joy) are for her own back-patting. 
How about her paranoid worries of "spookie the hacker?" I think if I was a hacker, I'd not be blogging here today. The same goes for her asinine insistence that I've hacked into her crappy PC and "manipulated IE's" (I'm sorry, but that wording just proves her complete stupidity when it comes to computer knowledge completely).
So, she's "seen quite a few people tell spookie off" but she has never posted proof of this. I always post proof about her. Funny, huh?
Here's another lunatic comment of her: "She has attacked many members of the adoption community as well, including natural mothers and other adoptees…" I wish she would post the "proof" she has, because it never happened. She attacked quite a few, though, and it's all in this very blog. She attacked me, and said I stole my son. I suppose she forgot about that.
The racist bigot attacked blacks and latinos on mySpace, and then she attacked Jews. She called me a "kikehole."

I can pick apart this nutjob's psychotic blabbering for another hour, but I have a toddler, a job and 4 cats :)

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