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McMental Case, Get Your Lies Straightened Out.

Here's a doozy I pulled from a TOS Repost I sent to MySpace in 2008. Did you read that correctly, you moron? 2008, NOT 2007. I didn't know your lying, skanky, fat ass in 2007. Here's your full of shit post  and Bulletin that you plastered all over because YOU ARE INSANE.

Jun 8, 2008 10:00 AM 
Body: Well, she is at it again. I posted a bulletin I made about SoDelicious and Trader Joe's in the animal rights group, Save An Animal Today! because I wanted to help end the myth that dairy can help people lose weight-it doesn't and ALL it does do is increase sales for the abusive dairy industry. Since there are young woman in this group who might fall into that diet trap, I thought I should let them know if they didn't, that SoDelious is now under Trader Joe's label at their store because it costs alot less money there and it is vegan, so for young animal activists it is news to know. I also wanted people to call TJ's and complain about how they still sell battery caged eggs. Is there something wrong with that? Is there something wrong with promoting a dairy free dessert that is better for people's health and helps the animals? I guess spookie/mittens the cat thinks so, despite the fact she is a member of this group. You all remember spookie right? She sent me an email after I defended a young man in another group who had posted a question which was how can we stop animal abuse. Of course for his compassion and concern, he only got jumped on by a group of vicisious and immature trolls. In her email, she told me that I should NOT have a dual profile that trashes animal abuse and exposes the scam of adoption. I wrote her back a polite reply saying I had thought about that, but I wanted to educate people, especially the younger generations about the truth of how abusive adoption is to adoptees. This is why my profile says I fight for animal liberation and adoptee liberation, but all of you know that. Well, after I expressed my feelings to her, she wrote me back a really mean spirited email, trying to con me that all real mothers are crack addicts, and she had a friend who was one in the late 70's who HAD to give her child away because of that. The story she told me, was completely fabricated, BECAUSE THERE WAS NO CRACK IN THE LATE 70'S OR EVEN IN 1980! Because of this outright lie, that was construted to support adoption, and hurt me because I am against it, I did not reply to her. So then, she started hurling abusive insults to me in the animal group, and went into every group I started doing the same thing, as both spookie and mittens the cat. She cut me down for not replying to her, and ripped me apart ruthlessly for days and then finally threatened to get me deleted, which she did. Because she choose to whip me with my own pain, I posted the letter she sent me in the group to show people how she was bullying me. Spookie claims to be a parent, but she acts like she is in 7th grade. It is obvious she is Pro-Adoption and intends to punish me because I had to endure the abuse growing up of being told I wasn't good enough to know who my own parents are via the closed record adoption system. This is her current slap across my face in the Save An Animal Today group-I have done nothing wrong, and when trolls like her pick on people who want to push veganism to help animals, then THEY ARE ANIMAL ABUSERS AS WELL, BECAUSE AS SHE INSULTS WHAT I WROTE, SHE INSULTS THE MESSAGE BEHIND IT. I know some other people who have been attacked, harrassed and abused by spookie. She does nothing for the fight against animal abuse. PLEASE READ THE CONVO BELOW, AND THEN REPORT HER FOR CYBERBULLYING, BECAUSE SHE CHASES AWAY GOOD PEOPLE IN GROUPS WHO ONLY WANT TO HELP ANIMALS. Please repost this and thankyou. Be aware too that spookie IS Mittens The Cat-seh hasd told me this herself-I do not know who Manda is-maybe it is another profile she made, but she had no right to insult me either and all three of them are bullys.

YOU ARE INSANE. Animal abuse? This from the non-vegan crazy-lady? HAHA! The woman who does nothing for animals while I'm volunteering and helping them? Telling people GO VEGAN? Bitch, PLEASE. I'm now going to show you the messages we exchanged about the "young man" you defended, who, by the way, posted his cousin's real phone number repeatedly in a topic and asked — no, begged — people to call it. He wasn't even telling the truth; he was a troll. You admitted to not reading the entire topic/thread, but to only "skimming it." you'll see, too, that I only suggest as a thought, to keep people from attacking you, that you make a profile for animal rights and keep your regular one for adoption rights.  Jackass. Make sure you read the last paragraph in BOLD, Marilyn! You lying piece of shit nutbar! After all this is posted, you better CEASE AND DESIST and STOP HARASSING ME, because YES, MY EMPLOYER IS CALLING THE POLICE AND SO AM I IF YOU DO NOT COMPLY! NO MORE GAMES AND ABUSE FROM YOU, YOU SICK AND CRIMINAL STALKER!

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: spookie (to Stepford Child)
Date: Feb 16, 2008 10:22 AM

[QUOTE] Stepford Child wrote:

Um, if you can't afford a $15 vaccine get rid of your fucking cat and give it to someone who can take care of it properly and get it the medical care it needs.   Christ.  
People are such idiots.   
You really hate yourself don't you? Sad....  sad too, that you take it out on everyone Chainsaw......  [/QUOTE]

The "girl" who said she couldn't afford to pay $15 for a vaccine was really a teenage boy who stole a girl's profile, a troll.   The profile was deleted the next day. The same "girl" also posted she was going to commit suicide because of myspace, and other nonsense comments, all obviously untrue due to their inconsistency. 

BTW, I also stuck up for the child named Cody. Cody then lost his cool and posted his cousin's phone number and begged members to call it.   That was a bad idea. 

No offense, but you have very good info to post in SCAA and it gets ignored because the people only see your profile and ignore your wealth of info.   Maybe you could create another profile and keep it private, using it to post in groups that are volatile?

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Stepford Child
Date: Feb 16, 2008 10:40 AM

Well, I will be honest-I hadn't read all the pages before I replyed , there are just too many and I can't concentrate that long,lol.  I have however, had it with Chainsaw-she is an evil horrible girl who is constantly picking on everyone and not just in this group-I wish she would be banned from myspace, hell actually the whole internet, lol.  It makes me mad that groups like yours are started to help animals and all people do is sit there and nit pick about how people write and how they spell-I am sick of the soap opera and the fighting in part because the animal matters just get ignored.  I didn't read what Cody did or the other post you mentioned about the girl threatening suicide-so I guess I wasn't aware of all going on, but I stuck up for Cody anyway because you know these troll losers they push people to act horrible and lose it-that is what they want and Chainsaw is one of them-I still am glad I stuck up for this kid because he did nothing wrong posting that thread and I hope he reads what I wrote because he deserves to have his morale upped-I don't want him to stop being a good person and stop fighting for the animals and the bottom line is he did NOTHING to deserve those bitches from picking on him and I don't want him to lose faith-I'm sick of seeing nice people get ripped apart on the interent-I realize I have a dual myspace and I have thought myself about using this one just for adoption stuff and making a separate animal one and am palnning on doing that-but at the same time I like educating people on the oppression and predjudice that adoption really is because like things concerning animals the wrong attitudes the Adoption field pushes needs to be changed.  It is a billon dollar industry that has destroyed millons of people's lives and people need to know the truth.  Anyway, I am glad you are deleteing people, I wish you would ban Chainsaw..... she is a pain in the ass..... I'm glad you like the info I post and it is too bad this group has become a troll haven because I love that you made it for the animals, you are a good person too and you don't deserve this crap in your group-take care and I won't tell anyone about this e-mail, Have a great day

You can't even CONCENTRATE! You don't even fully READ anything! You're CRAZY and not in a "ha ha I'm just kidding!" way!

Remember this, you old hag of a bitch?

As you can see, my profiles are separate so one is personal and one is for moderating my groups; *Cat Lovers* and STOP Cruelty Against Animals. I do not have any groups about adoption, as I'm not adopted and I have no family that's adopted. My son is not adopted either; "The Improper Adoptee, AKA StepFord Child" says "I stole him," but I did indeed have him, on Dec. 26, 2006. I do not know why she has told people I stole my son from "an unwilling birth mother." (quotes are verbatim as posted on MySpace when she turned on me) from My only experiences with adoption have been with friends, since I was in grade school through college, and even now.

The woman who goes by "The Improper Adoptee" was always being bullied and badly abused in the group STOP Cruelty Against Animals. People would see her profile and judge her by the long ramblings on it ("ramblings" meaning almost no paragraphs and very lengthy and basically negative about almost everything on Earth), and many would become offended, because there are adoptees out there who are happy, even after finding their birth mother/parents, or not. She also had a lot of judgmental paragraphs on her page about other people, and this made anything she posted in animal groups moot, because people didn't see the good post, they saw the person posting.

I decided to reach out to her after I stuck up for her, for which I took a lot of slack for. I contacted Myspace support and had a very nasty topic deleted, called "One Crazy Bitch." The topic was all about "The Improper Adoptee, AKA StepFord Child," and went on for pages, with many members of this tremendous group all bashing her and calling her horrible things. At the time, I didn't know she would post lies or actually be cruel. I went to bat for her. At the time, I was not the moderator of the group either, so I couldn't just delete the topic, and I had to email Myspace and keep asking them over and over for a week. Finally, the topic was deleted. People contacted me and told me I had no idea who I was sticking up for, and I just went and publicly posted, "It's wrong to post public about people, period. It's not right to post a topic bashing someone." I then sent her a private message, and said to her that maybe she should make a separate profile for animal rights, and use her StepFord Child profile for her adoption issues. She said she'd thought about it, but wanted to get the word out regardless.

I then made the "mistake" of asking her a delicate question, which I did say was an honest but sensitive question, and I said that I really wanted to know her opinion since she had such a strong stance on adoption. I then told her about my friend Anne from school. Anne was adopted at a very young age after spending time in a foster home with many other children. Anne and I age the same age — 42. During 1990, Anne said her full name was Daisy Anne, and told me about her birth mother, and how she came to live on Long Island with all of her brothers. They had been her foster family, and they adopted her. Anne knew her real family, and sometimes spoke to her aunt. She didn't live with her aunt because her aunt didn't want to raise her, and supposedly didn't have the means to. Anne said her blood family was "a bit messed up." No one else was willing to take Anne and raise her when she was a baby and kept being taken away from her mother. Her mother was an addict (supposedly cocaine and other drugs, plus alcohol) and didn't provide for Anne and would leave her alone often. Anne was lucky when she was a bit older and was put into the foster family on Long Island, because they took great care of her. Anne's not too sure about some of the others, and only knows that sometimes she was with relatives, and sometimes with foster care in one of the 5 boroughs of NY. Anne knew where her mother lived, or hung around. Anne had told me about her mother once telling her how she never wanted her, and saying she was just a mistake from a fun time. Anne was a pre-teen and had to hear that. Anne wanted to try again, now that she was older. Her mother was in the Bronx and living in a place that was not technically livable. She wasn't paying the rent and she didn't have a real job. Anne couldn't find her, so that was it for a while. She tried again years later. Anne's mother was no mother. She was a crack addicted woman who didn't recognize her own daughter, though Anne looked like what her birth mother would have looked like had she not made a mess of her life. According to Anne, her mother's crack addiction was paid for by selling herself and stealing, but more likely selling herself. Her mother wanted no part of her and told her to get lost. Anne was hurt, but said to me, "I'm glad I have my dad and my brothers, because they love me and I love them. That lady isn't my mother. My mother died years ago." (Her adopted mother had died.) I think my friend was even angry, because her mother was so uninterested in her, and so careless. She's dead now, BTW, her birth mother. Anne found out long after.

"The Improper Adoptee, AKA StepFord Child" Didn't reply to my question, which was something like "What would you say about a situation such a this one?" I had given her a much shorter version of Anne's story. "The Improper Adoptee" didn't believe my story, and said I made it all up "to hurt her." I was baffled! Why would I help someone so much, then seeing as she has strong feelings against adoption, ask a serious question to hurt her? I really wanted to know what people who are anti-adoption would say to do in such horrible situations, where the mother really doesn't want the child, and the family turns their backs? Why would I concoct a story to hurt a stranger online?

EDIT: I don't support forced adoptions, but my friend was not forced! She was abandoned by all blood relatives! Where was she to go as a baby?

Examples of her responses when I tried to contact her after she blocked me and I went to her adoption group and simply asked her why she won't reply and why she blocked me (I didn't post anything rude, cross or wrong, just asked why I was blocked after our last correspondence):

Stepford Child wrote:
I didn’t answer your question Spookie because you are a liar. That was a pre-disposed, pre- calculated question with only one purpose and that is too perpetuate the myth that all single mothers are crack addicts and it was made up by the Pro-Adoption Industry that you support. You need to make up better lies as well, because from the story you told me your friends mother did crack when IT WASN’T EVEN AROUND and yet you expect a reply from me? Get over yourself.

Stepford Child wrote:
Okay........I’ll keep your emails private...........ROTFLMAO!!!!!!! know since you come into my adoption groups and upset people-I got two emails about what you posted in my Adult Adoptees Group so............this is your karma!!!!!(and I know you didn’t HAVE a baby, you adopted one, you act just like immature, spoiled and bitter barren women who STEAL other women’s babies...) Look at what a con artist Spookie is, as she tries to nuzzle up to all the trolls in here!

WOW, Improper Adoptee and StepFordChild and Burned, you sure know how to twist the truth, huh?

This is "spookie"
I suppose that's a horrible person *shrugs and rolls eyes*

Are you still claiming to be a vegetarian, and just what does VEGETARIAN mean to YOU? What do YOU eat, while you claim you cry about the abuse of animals? Do you know what you're really doing? I doubt it! I bet you are a slackertarian and you sure aren't an animal rights activists, you're a slacktavist!

Oh, here you are on your troll profile, bullying people... adoptees.

THERE WERE NEVER ANY "FAKE" STEPFORDCHILD" PROFILES. That is ALL a LIE The Improper Adoptee wants the world to believe so she can TRY to save face. Any of these people can be contacted and will assure anyone that this cruel, berating woman bullied them. How can she lie about posting the stuff in regards to the Letter to Isabella? It was ON HER BLOG and I HAVE THE SCREENSHOTS from The Improper Adoptee's blog, and her "POLL" about the letter! Anyone who followed her blog would recall this. 


Bitch McNutter,
My son is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. He is in school. What I do while he's in school is not your business. And, the internet is part of MY JOB — ha ha ha!!! — so I have 4 browsers always open and over 25+ web pages open at most times; I keep reloading yours the last few days just to keep taking screenshots for the Orleans, MA police. Also, if I close the browser that your crackpot blog in open in and then I repopen that browser, I "restore last session," which means your crackpot blog reopens automatically, even if I'm not bothering to look at it. If the power goes off, like it did earlier, and everything reboots, your crackpot blog reopens. Sorry, fruitcake, but you can theorize all you like… but, you're wrong. FAIL.

I know you're fuming with jealousy about my darling and handsome son, but you can stop trying to make it seem as if I don't have time with him. He's home now, so I'm off until he's asleep. You have fun making up more sick, demented, mentally disturbing and harassing libel so that later on I can document it and make sure that when you DO get arrested, you get to spend more than an overnight in a temporary holding cell. I want you locked up for a while. I've asked you, begged you and pleaded with you so many times to leave me alone, and you've ignored me. I privately asked you when my father was admitted to the hospital, and you only became more hostile and vulgar. I cannot wait until your day comes. You've never once posted anything proving I harassed you, and that is because I never did. You're insane, you have multiple serious mental issues and you are unable to take responsibility for your actions.

Soon you'll be in a jail cell or homeless, without your Verizion package or your stupid little IP blocking proxy that still shows me when you come by (hahaha), so keep on posting libel, harassment and abuse, because…


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