Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Employer Says: "Call the Police on This Woman Already…"

My employer wants me to call the police on her again. They're sick and tired of her libel and want her reported to the Orleans, Massachusetts police as soon as possible. Every single person who has loaded up her blog to see if it is as bad as everyone says winds up saying, 

"Why the hell isn't this woman locked up?!" 
Someone who works in the computer/internet industry said,
"Jesus. How come you haven't sued this woman right off the internet yet?"

Massachusetts Madwoman: PLEASE, post PROOF. DO IT. Your overflowing toilet of a blog has NO credibility without PROOF. You write on your asinine blog that life is too short to waste on me, but you sit around doing nothing but spending hours changing your shitty layout, editing your horrible HTML and tying to convince people that you are the victim and I'm the bully, when it's so obvious that you're the insane stalker and I'm the one documenting your insanity and cyber-harassment and libel! Get a life, perverted, deviant freak! As for your obsessive mentions of Amy Burt; NO idea what that is really about, but if Amy has some issues, she should take them up herself, and not have you lying about her on your tabloid blog. Your blog isn't about adoption issues, it's about your mental issues. You're the unmedicated crazy that sits about thinking of me day-in, day-out, fabricating stories to try to save face for yourself. It's too late, crazy. You blew it. This blog has too many entries full of hard proof of your stalking obsession and bullying. Your words mean NOTHING. You mean NOTHING. YOU ARE NOTHING. Go cry, you big, old bitch. Oh, and keep telling that lie about how scared you are... no one is buying it. You're looking for an audience and guess what? You don't have one. Boo fucking hoo.

Uh-oh! Look who's caught LYING... it looks like YOU, Ms Improper! You're obviously jealous of me, obsessed, and oh my, I think I'm going to call the police as my employer has requested, because you're freaking me out with your obsession of me for too many years.

 Now this was sweet of you... telling off a young girl who was going through the hardest time in her entire life.

 You posted within minutes, from TWO profiles. OOPS!

 I'll post ALL your old shit, you crazy lunatic.

p.s. HOW DARE YOU claim you fight for animal liberation. You are not part of any group, you volunteer for no one and you do nothing for the cause. you are NOT fighting for animals' rights, you do NOT fight to liberate them. STOP LYING. You sit around and DO NOTHING. Stop embarrassing yourself by claiming you you are an animal liberation fighter. Don't LIE about serious issues! You should keep your mouth and fingers shut.

p.p.s. Remember how you said you KNOW I didn't have a baby, that I stole one? How the fuck did I manage to steal one that looks exactly like me? Hahahaha!!! You infertile, barren idiot! You're just jealous that I had a beautiful baby, and I was already 39! BWAAAHAHA!!!! He looks just like me, you just can't adopt your double, you fool. =D

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