Sunday, July 11, 2010

Okay CRAZY LADY, You Asked For it. Here You Are, I Hope it's What You Wanted!

Okay CRAZY LADY, You Asked For it. Here You Are, I Hope it's What You Wanted!

Down at the bottom is the GRAND PRIZE! The supposed EVIL LETTER/EMAIL that poor victimized "Stepford/Improper received. You can plainly see that I replied to her in a normal manner, and later on, she went OFF THE WALL. Right now, on her blog of shit, she claims I demanded she make two profiles back then. As anyone can see, I suggested it because users in the group were attacking her daily and making topics about her, topics that I had to keep deleting. She admits to not even reading the posts completely and to posting knee-jerk reactions. What a surprise. I was reporting abuse towards her and deleting attacks towards her, and she thanked me at first, but then went NUTS. A look back at my 2008 entries shows that all I did was jokingly laugh at her mis-worded sentence about the cows and Trader's Joe's. She went ballistic. I even told her it wasn't an attack at all, but the woman is just plain nuts. It can all be found in the 2008 archives, word for word from the group posts. All her current bullcrap is documented here in the 2008 and 2009 blog entries. Everything. There's nothing she is currently lying about that has not already been debunked.

Sorry Marilyn, but you're a compulsive liar and you've been outed.



Click above.

When Stepford Child Attacks

The Improper Liar

The FIRST Group is ABOUT MySpace Users, unlike what she said on her blog. She LIED. She’s trying to tell blog readers that it’s the group below, when she knows damn well it’s not, it’s the group she made specifically for HATE & BULLYING.

Her dual profiles caught, when hours earlier she had THREE (3) ACTIVE PROFILES.
The "Meany Doodles" first blogger entry…

Note the date. She began her blogging about Myspace users long before this group was created. StepfordChild, aka The Improper Adoptee claims that she began blogging about MySpace long after a group was made to discuss her cyber-harassment and abuse of users. No, she lied and was caught lying.


—IMPROPER ADOPTEE (Stepford Child)

Google will spider this blog and let all people
who search "The Improper Adoptee" FIND THE TRUTH.

Bullied or harassed by StepfordChild / Stepford Child or Improper Adoptee? Are you or someone you know a victim of her lies and abusive postings? Has she hurt you emotionally and posted personal information on the internet? Post your TRUTHS here.

Stepford Child, AKA The Improper Adoptee is Pro-Life AND Anti-Adoption. She’s abused and bullied dozens of users on Myspace, and beyond the site. She hosts a BLOGGER site to continue her cyberbullying of many users of Myspace. She’s relentless. This group is for posting the facts, or venting. If you’re listing on her blog, you are welcome to post here to tell your side and let others know the truth, especially if she’s bashed you, or tried to ruin your name.

Adoption workers, this isn’t a group for you. This is a group for victims of a methodical abuser who victimized and continues to victimize adoptees / adopted children (teenage and adult) and adoptive parents.

If you have a story to tell, you may share it, but beware, this woman is lurking and reading every word, and you can become her next blog. I don’t mind if any victims of Stepford post off topic here. Maybe it would be good to give a little info, so those who click from her blog see that the VILLIANS are not villians at all. Some might be similar to those who click though.


You say -
"Yet a woman who is married and infertile, who doesn’t even have the natural maternal instincts needed to care for a baby born to her, because she has not had a baby born to her....."

You’re a cruel wicked witch. That just isn’t true. All women are born with maternal instincts. Some just never become aware of their instincts. Those who wish to have children and can’t have such a desire, a maternal instinct they are born with, they will adopted the tossed away, unwanted and abused. Not all adopted children are or were stolen or coherced away from their real mother. Like a bird knows to fly south, or a salmon knows when to go upstream, a woman is born with that instinct. She can repress it and choose a career and/ her own life, or she can choose to have a family. Your opinion is like that of the men who sold snake oil in the old days. So is most of what you puke up on the internet.

Thank you Jaymie for allowing me to use your main group layout for this entry.

These are other instances of abuse at the hands of StepFord Child while she was on Myspace.

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