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You Felt "Insulted and Hurt?" You Are INSANE. Here's The Message You Claim "HURT" You.

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From: spookie (to Stepford Child)
Date: Feb 16, 2008 10:22 AM

[QUOTE] Stepford Child wrote:
Um, if you can't afford a $15 vaccine get rid of your fucking cat and give it to someone who can take care of it properly and get it the medical care it needs.   Christ.  
People are such idiots.   
You really hate yourself don't you? Sad....  sad too, that you take it out on everyone Chainsaw......  [/QUOTE]

The "girl" who said she couldn't afford to pay $15 for a vaccine was really a teenage boy who stole a girl's profile, a troll.   The profile was deleted the next day. The same "girl" also posted she was going to commit suicide because of myspace, and other nonsense comments, all obviously untrue due to their inconsistency. 

BTW, I also stuck up for the child named Cody. Cody then lost his cool and posted his cousin's phone number and begged members to call it.   That was a bad idea. 

No offense, but you have very good info to post in SCAA and it gets ignored because the people only see your profile and ignore your wealth of info.   Maybe you could create another profile and keep it private, using it to post in groups that are volatile?

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From: Stepford Child
Date: Feb 16, 2008 10:40 AM

Well, I will be honest-I hadn't read all the pages before I replyed , there are just too many and I can't concentrate that long,lol.  I have however, had it with Chainsaw-she is an evil horrible girl who is constantly picking on everyone and not just in this group-I wish she would be banned from myspace, hell actually the whole internet, lol.  It makes me mad that groups like yours are started to help animals and all people do is sit there and nit pick about how people write and how they spell-I am sick of the soap opera and the fighting in part because the animal matters just get ignored.  I didn't read what Cody did or the other post you mentioned about the girl threatening suicide-so I guess I wasn't aware of all going on, but I stuck up for Cody anyway because you know these troll losers they push people to act horrible and lose it-that is what they want and Chainsaw is one of them-I still am glad I stuck up for this kid because he did nothing wrong posting that thread and I hope he reads what I wrote because he deserves to have his morale upped-I don't want him to stop being a good person and stop fighting for the animals and the bottom line is he did NOTHING to deserve those bitches from picking on him and I don't want him to lose faith-I'm sick of seeing nice people get ripped apart on the interent-I realize I have a dual myspace and I have thought myself about using this one just for adoption stuff and making a separate animal one and am palnning on doing that-but at the same time I like educating people on the oppression and predjudice that adoption really is because like things concerning animals the wrong attitudes the Adoption field pushes needs to be changed.  It is a billon dollar industry that has destroyed millons of people's lives and people need to know the truth.  Anyway, I am glad you are deleteing people, I wish you would ban Chainsaw..... she is a pain in the ass..... I'm glad you like the info I post and it is too bad this group has become a troll haven because I love that you made it for the animals, you are a good person too and you don't deserve this crap in your group-take care and I won't tell anyone about this e-mail, Have a great day

You're nuts, lady. NUTS!!!

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