Friday, September 24, 2010

Dear Vickie

This is REPOSTED for my friend Amy. Vickie, please, leave Amy alone. She is not your enemy.
Vickie, we've corresponded before, sort of. I understand your feelings, but they are misdirected at Amy. As you see, I'm NOT battling with Amy. I told you that many months ago when you privately emailed me. That's why when you called the Orleans MA police, they did not know what you were asking about — because you inquired about Amy Burt, NOT Marilyn. Forget this online drama, please. You have hope. Hold onto that, Vickie.

And now, Amy's letter to you.

Dear Vickie,

There is a reason why you don't have my contact information.  You would send me letters to my home.  My home is my sanctuary.  I will protect it with a fierceness.  I don't understand you.  Why me?  Why Sandy?  Why Robin?  Let me be perfectly clear on something.  I have had nothing to do with your adoption loss.  I did not force you to relinquish your child.  I did not force you to sign any paperwork regarding your relinquishment.  In fact, I was not even in the adoption movement when your relinquishment occurred.  Neither did these other two women.  We had absolutely nothing to do with your situation.  I do not know your full name.  I do not know your address or phone number.  I do not know anything about  you really.  You are an anonymous individual who has focused the blame of your situation on me.  

Every time you send a letter to my ex.  He gives it to me.  Every time, I give it to law enforcement.  It is stalking and harassment.  Why you have picked me is beyond me.  It is not for me to understand any longer.  Its God's situation to handle.  Its not that I don't care but I have learned to listen and be in God's calmness during this storm.  Its the very same with my ex.  In fact, he called you a loon on Friday when he gave me the letter.  Funny thing is you have backed me during this situation.  I do appreciate that.  It doesn't help me though.  Sadly my ex has realized to the fullest extent that he has gotten away with "murder."  He uses it to the fullest extent too.  He is going to use you against me.  I am not worried anymore.  Why?  You are in Indiana.  I am somewhere in Texas.  You can't find me if you tried.  All my numbers, my email accounts, my facebook, my myspace and everything else is so privatized that even the ex couldn't find them.   I did this not because of you but of him.  He has invaded every shred of privacy that I have.  For all I know, he has gotten my medical records. At least you have privacy until the police figure this out.  You hide behind a computer and write anonymous letters.  

I remember a sermon that my preacher talked about.  He had encountered a church member who had a bad experience with a pastor.  It wasn't him mind you.  It was someone else in a different area.  I listen to this sermon.  My pastor, being the kind and loving man that he is, tried defending himself.  He then realized that this person needed to express their angry and hurt over that prior pastor.   So he put on that pastor's hat and listened.  He apologized for what that pastor did to this member.  I gotta love my pastor.  He has come up with some unique ways to solve issues with church members.  He comes up with ways to help heal people instead of further injuring them.  

I apologize for what adoption has done to you.  I apologize for those that took your child.  I apologize for those that forced you to do so.  Admittedly you have scared me and my daughters with your letters, commentary, and other activities.  I did not commit these crimes against you.  I apologize for those that did.  I know how deeply that they have wounded you.  I understand more deeply than any other person because I have an ex husband who is trying to get rid of me and alienate me from my daughters.  In fact, hours before I received your letter, he had threatened me yet again.  You may think that you are making life harder for me but you are not.  Sadly sister it is not worth it to fight with you.  At least you have the hope of seeing your child when he or she turns 18.  If my ex succeeds, I will never see my kids again.  Do  you really want to hurt another woman as you have been?  

Posted by Amy Adoptee at 9/19/2010 10:43 PM

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Improper Adoptee Has Ignored Amy's Request…

…and continues on with her selfish rantings. How sad and pathetic.

To make it 100% clear, "Ms Extremely Improper" has now ignored Amy, who asked that all the nonsense be deleted, especially where her name is used. Ms. Cat has decided that she comes first and everyone else's life comes last, and as long as she can get some attention from her blog, she doesn't care who she hurts by keeping her libel up. How sweet of her, huh?

My blog was not online at all since July 14th. Marilyn didn't even notice that, and continued to claim that I was still blogging about her. This _____ of a woman kept "updating" her blog and insisting I was posting blog entries all the while my blog was offline completely. I just put it back online and public last night — September 18th — for the sake of Amy, who is my friend.

"Improper Adoptee," I want you to know that yes, the police were notified about your blog and know what you've been up to. You're being watched. They were contacted them since you refuse to comply with anyone.

You're a selfish bully. Why can't you just agree to disagree, remove ALL the LIBEL and move on with life? I told you dozens of times that this blog would go hidden when you comply with the police officers and remove all the libel and mentions of me. At this point, you'd now need to remove all mentions of me, Amy, and John's business. Once you comply, I will again HIDE THIS BLOG.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Amy Burt Reveals THE TRUTH.

The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth So Help Me God

It is time for me to reveal the truth about my life.  Its time for me to write the horrid details of the last year and half.  I have been delaying for months now.  Its finally over.  Its worse than ever before.  My ex, Donald Burt Junior ,  his attorney, Matt Malone, and the Judge, Dan Mike Bird are some of the most corrupt, deceitful, and cruel people on the planet.  This is one blog post that will not come down.  This is the blog post that reveals everything.  Its long and tedious.  I hope that folks can keep up with it.  My closest friends still have a hard time believing this story.  If they did not know me, they would blown me off as a liar.  Its easy to think that way. 

Keep in mind that my ex is and will be for a while a drunk.  He is not your typical drunk.  He has to keep a buzz which means he drinks all day long.  Just enough to feel high.  He has been like this for the last six to seven years.  One of my high school friends was a witness to him drinking and driving. It is standard practice on the Waggoner Ranch for all of the cowboys to drink and drive.  It is standard to get drunk regularly.   I can't presume to know what he is doing now in his home but I know how he was with me and the girls while I lived there.  The last couple of years my ex turned mean.  If he did not like supper, no matter who cooked it, the dinner plate went flying.  Food flying everywhere.  The plate breaking against the wall.  I would clean it up as that forever dutiful wife.   I had to endure being criticized for breathing.  I had to endure being ridiculed.  I had to endure being told that I was not good enough.  It didn't matter how hard I tried.  I gave it 110% especially in the last six months.  He had shoved me to the ground, kicked me and raked spurs over my legs often leaving bruises.  He escalated that one time by rubbing my face into the rug.  I had rug burns on my face.  By November, I realized that he was not going to change.  He was going to continue to blame me for the ex wives and their leaving.  He was going to continue to blame me for leaving him the first time and later drawing up divorce papers. He fails to realize that I had reasons, valid reasons.  I own that.

My ex has this tendency to put others ahead of his own family.  That is just the way he is.  First time that he did it was when we lived in Robert Lee Texas.  That was first time that I left him.  He was drinking a little too much even then.  He put another family before his own daughter.   I was in accident where I hit a patch of black ice.  I hit the fence.  The passenger side window shattered.  Dakota and I ended up going to the ER in San Angelo to make sure no glass got into her eyes.  I called the boss and let them know what happened along with them that I was without a vehicle.  I waited and waited.  Finally my baby sitter found and called me.  She came to the ER and picked us up.  I called the boss again and let them know where we were at.  This time we had gone to a convenience store to wait closest to the highway that they would be coming in on.   I waited and waited.  I called and left messages.  My baby sitter that we needed something to eat.   We went to her place.  I called and left a message again.  I waited and waited.  Finally I offered to give her five bucks for gas.  She took me home.  When he got home, I was mad.  I was beyond mad.  He had not bothered to check and see if we were okay.  He had not bothered to let me know what was going on.  In fact, neither did the boss.  His excuse was that the boss would not let him go.  I was also working nine hours a day with a lunch plus driving an hour one way.  I was also expected to maintain our home.  So I was working full time along with running our daughter to day care and doing my best to keep a clean house.  Guess which job fell to the way side?  The house.  I spent quite a bit of my marriage working.  I also saw to it that our kids had insurance or medicaid throughout most of our marriage.  In fact, I am still doing it today. 

There was one instance where I filled out the paperwork for medicaid.  He did not want the state seeing all of his income so he refused to give them his bank statements.  We were subsequently denied but yet somehow it was my fault.  When I moved back up here forced by the judge in order to get custody back of my children according to the judge, I had to tell the Health and Human Services people that he had custody.  They shut down their medicaid and my foodstamps.   He got mad at me and wanted to tell the judge.  I told him specifically if I had not done that, I would have gone to jail.  That is something that he would have loved.  He consistently pushes me to make decisions which are in direct violation of the judge's orders.  I have long learned that he lies and wants me to screw up. 

Then the ex started devoting too much time with this family.  Leaving me and Dakota to fend for ourselves.  I am not a jealous or insecure person.  I know when I am being shut out.  It got really bad.  In fact, their daughter ended up getting a divorce around Christmas time.  When I asked him about it, he said that since he had been through it, he had to comfort her.  That comfort led to a kiss in front of our home with my daughter and I watching him.  I left.  Here he was stepping into dangerous waters, placing another family above his own, dumping all of the family work load on me and cheating.  He also made a horrible comment that if I did not give him "some" that he would find someone who would.  I guess being physically worn out and sick at times was not a good enough reason to not have sex.   Yet I am the one to blame.  Go figure. 

After family counseling through a pastor and his wife, we managed to work it through.  Fast forward several years later in Oklahoma, the situation began repeating itself.  I was working for the postal service working 45 plus hours a week.  I was expected to keep house, take care of girls whenever they needed it, support him and his wild ideas about trucks ( I spent a week of vacation in an auto parts store), and work a full time job.   I got angry again.  Sex had gotten forced upon me numerous times.  I was tired and worn out but yet I had to give him what he wanted.  I did not have any choice.  It was not something that I enjoyed.  It was forced.   There was no romance and gentle treatment with the sex either. 

Again we worked it out.  Now I should have stayed in Oklahoma.  I should have walked away then.  I had a great job with my own route.  Customers and friends who supported me.  I had what I needed to make an honest go of it in Oklahoma.  Nope I chose to follow my ex to this God forsaken part of Texas.  I mean that.  It is filled with evil.  I saw my ex change into a man that lost all moral turpitude, a drunk, a cheater, and an abusive man to not just me but our daughters. 

I don't know how many times that I defended the honor of him and our eldest daughter.    I don't know how many times that I stood beside him when the ranch folks were berating him.  The ranch folks even called him the village idiot.  What he fails to realize is that even with our divorce, he is STILL an outsider.  Nothing he can do will ever change that.  They will still snicker behind his back.  They will still be cruel to him and our daughters.  They laugh at him because he has been divorced now FIVE times . I have only been married once.  Trust me, I plan on taking my time with my boyfriend now.  I don't want to be married a zillion times by the time that I am in my sixties.

What exactly is cheating?  Is it just in the physical sense as my ex so convincingly told our daughters?  My ex has been emotionally involved with four other women for years now.  One woman has finally moved on and gotten married.  He even suckered me into believing that it was just friendship by using my adoption search against me.  What my ex has done to me is what this woman's ex did to her.  Take the kids from her.   Keep in mind that my ex is the confessed alcoholic, abuser and cheater.  He confessed this on the stand.  When he finally quits that one, he moves onto another one.  In fact, it got so bad that he was calling her ten times a day.  Is that cheating?  I think it is.  He is giving emotional attention to another woman while denying me and his daughters.   He also did this with two other women which one is a current girlfriend.

I remember several times in the last six months that I was with my ex.  Sex was forced.  I also got the feeling that he was not having sex with me but someone else.  Hmmm I wonder now if he was picturing his current girlfriend in our bed.  I have documentation in both CPS paperwork and court paperwork that states he drank, cheated and abused all of us.  His daughters admitted to it as well.  I would spend many a night on the kitchen floor scrubbing it crying my eyes out.  He never even noticed.  I worked very hard but it didn't matter.  His decision was already made. 

My ex uses former friends, Beth and Dwight Michener , to hack into my email account.  These two people have been reported saying that they have hacked into Electra School District's computer system.  Beth and her daughter have both been reported as saying that they wanted to kill Dwight aka Mitch because he was drinking too much.  They had planned to kill him with replacing rum with Everclear.  Mitch has also attempted suicide three times.  Unfortunately Electra and the ranch is well known for its weirdos.  I did not find out until it was too late.   They used a key logging program that was attached to my ex's profile on friendster.   They hacked into my sister's computer to gain access to my information.  When I left their home and got to my sister's home, I immediately changed my passwords.  That email account was closed on December 20th.  It was reactivated on January 19th using two email accounts to do so.  I have the emails proving that my account was shut down.  Emails that I had written in haste and emotional distraught because he had threatened me were used in a court of law without my consent.  He threatened to take my kids from me, never allow me to see them again and restricting all of us to this area specifically to a county where I would not be able to find work.  That was not presented in court.   They were used without the consent to whom those emails were written.  The judge, Judge Dan Mike Bird, allowed them in as evidence.  This is against the law. There was no court order authorizing them to do this.  Law enforcement was not involved at all in this situation.  There was no subpoenas in this at all.  Funny thing is that every time I turn around, I get a threat or two about child support, the kids, or whatever.  He has even had the girlfriend stalk me a time or two.  He had his mother threaten to put a boot up my ass.  Her words not mine. 

Lets discuss Judge Dan Mike BirdDan Mike Bird has an interesting past.  He is the former District Attorney in the 46th District Court.  This judge has been married three times and divorced twice.  One of  his marriages ended disastrously for one wife.   She was a social worker at North Texas State Hospital.  She supposedly had an affair with mental patient at the hospital.  She evidently did not keep it quiet.  He used the power of his position to slam his wife.  He did to his wife what my ex has done to me.  He was intentionally cruel to his ex wife.  This story has been repeated to me several times by different folks.  This situation has colored his judgment in all of his decisions.  Many women have lost their children because of this judge and his sexist discrimination. 

I found several decisions that he made but were overturned and remanded back to his court.  I also found this complaint where he is named in a federal lawsuit.  Scott Auld is an example of a father whose rights were violated.  You can read the court case here .   He was willing to deny the father his rights to access his children after getting out jail.  In fact, CPS was involved because his wife was dealing drugs.  They failed to follow through and consult him.  The judge stated,"It's not going to be the habit of the court to award any kind of visitation rights to somebody coming out of prison, so I'm not approving any visitation rights for Scott Auld. If he wants visitation rights when he gets out of prison, he can come to court and convince me that he should have visitation rights, so that means, Mrs. Spruill, that Scott is not to be around the children when you have them until or unless there is a further court order."  The case was overturned, his right to visit his children restored, and remanded back to Judge Dan Mike Bird for changing his decision. 

Another case was with a woman, Samantha Bradford,   who CPS was also involved with.  The father had not terminated his rights but CPS was looking to fast track the adoption anyway according to this document.  The judge was awfully quick to terminate her rights.  Typical of him.  Lets look at other unfair decisions.  Roddy Pippin is an example of that.  In fact, a close friend of his has heard several stories where this judge outright gives fathers their children despite the best interests of the children.  He had heard of one case in Quanah.  There was another case with another woman here recently.  I had heard about this one from a nurse. 

With that being said, it is awfully convenient information for my ex's attorney, Matt Malone.  Keep in mind, Matt Malone used these emails against me in court to "prove" that I was a liar.  What really happened is that email account had been shut down.  I had forgotten all about those emails.  Honest mistake.  He used this to prove that I was constantly lying when I wasn't.  According to this website , what he did was against the law and against attorney ethics in the state of Texas.  The other interesting issue is that he has met with the judge on numerous occasions without bringing my attorney into the situation.  My ex has also had verbal contact with the judge which he is admitted.  My ex is now singing like a bird about this.  My ex and his attorney can break court room etiquette in a major way that is in direct violation of my rights.  This is commonly known as Ex Parte .  My oldest daughter has mentioned on numerous occasions that both her father and Matt Malone have bragged about his ability to circumvent the law and even break the law without receiving any repercussions.  My ex has also been breaking the judge's orders.  He and I both are not to consume alcohol around the girls.  He and I are not to have members of the opposite sex staying in our home with our children present.  He  has had his girlfriend staying with him for months now.  Here I have been quietly obeying the rules.  He gets to violate them every chance that he gets.  People wonder why I get angry sometimes.  He breaks the rules and I pay the price. 

Recently I began dating a really wonderful man.  He and I are taking it slowly.  We are also minding the judge's rules not for the sake of those rules.  We are minding them for our personal reasons.  My boyfriend has a certain moral code.  He is not willing to rush his family into something.  He is also not willing to rush my daughters into something.   We don't want to push our children into an uncomfortable situation.  We are taking the time to make sure that our children both adult and child are prepared for our relationship.  My ex on the other hand has ramrodded his relationship down the throat of our girls.  Now the girlfriend is likable outside of this situation.  I no longer blame her for this mess even though she was a willing party.  He chose this situation through and through.  My ex approached me asking if we could break the morality clause.  It is a crimp in his style.  Of course he has been breaking it anyway but he wanted me to do the same.  I told him point blank that I could not ask my boyfriend to do so.  I would not do it but if that is what he wanted, so be it.  I really have no way of fighting back against it.  If he has been breaking this order, how many others has he broken?  He has had a very preventable accident in his work pickup.  I wonder if the ranch drug tested him.  If I had that kind of accident, I can guarantee that I would be drug tested.  He has also severely burned himself on an overheated radiator.  Again a preventable accident.  If he is willing to put himself in that kind of danger, what kind of danger would he put our daughters in?

My family, at the hearing of the judge's decision, was very distraught.  In fact, the judge threatened in court that he would permanently remove my daughters from my care if this display continued.  Upon discovering that she would be sent to live with her father temporarily,  my oldest daughter began screaming hysterically.  The judge stated that this was a reflection on me and my family.  It was very obvious that this judge had a prejudice against women in that hearing.  At the final hearing the judge decided that I had too much influence over my daughters.  He never defined that and how it was bad.  I still fail to understand.  Because of his actions, he, my ex and his attorney have all willingly and knowingly alienated my oldest daughter against me.  She and I were very close before this divorce.  Now she refuses to hear any truth.  She is constantly accusing me of lying.  She is constantly interfering in my personal business.  She has slapped me twice.  She has attempted to slap my boyfriend.  She is constantly pushing for more and more drama to get a response.  Friends and family have complained about it.  I have had to grit my teeth and bear it because she will not cease. 

Where does this leave me now?  I am hurt because I have lost my kids through no fault of my own.  I am angry because others have lied and gotten away with it.  CPS investigator, Lisa Schur, even lied about me stating that I had given my daughter's journal to the judge.  Lisa Schur by the way is also a cousin of my ex's boss on the ranch.    I never did that.  It was in the custody of my attorney for safe keeping.  I finally gave my ex the damn diary against the wishes of my daughter.   They said that I knew about her suicidal attempts long before.  One instance was when I was working and her father was too busy talking on the phone to one of his many girlfriends.  Here I told him about it.  I told the school district and District IX.  I contacted Helen Farabee Mental Care.  I contacted Star Connection.  I even took parenting classes to see if I could learn anything new.  I also did counseling for a while but was told that I was fine and got a clean bill of mental health.  I was found guilty of medical neglect of my oldest daughter.  She even told them that I made every effort to get her help.  She attempted suicide once in front of me.  It was because I disciplined her about something.  She put on a dramatic display.  She and I talked about it but that wasn't enough.  I guess that I should have had her immediately admitted. 

This ranch spans six counties with it being headquartered in Vernon.  This ranch holds powerful connections.  If it wants to protect the employees, it puts on a strong show of support even for the ones it considers outsiders.  Knowing full well that he did wrong by me.  Those wives better smarten up with the quickness.  If this happened to me, what about them?  They get drunk as some of the cowboys.   Eventually this will all bite them in the rear end. 

So now, everyone knows how bad my situation has been.  The judge has finally granted the divorce leaving in all the stipulations that hurt me.  He has even given my ex the things that I had brought into the marriage.  That right there infuriates me to no end.  I have had my privacy rights, my constitutional rights, and my basic human rights violated at every turn.  People wonder how I have made it.  It is with the blessings of God.  It sure has not been anyone or anything else.  A weaker woman would have committed suicide.  I have been angry, hurt, and depressed but for the first time I do feel free.  I hope somewhere somehow that there is justice in this world.  That justice will find this judge, this attorney, and my ex quickly.  I pray for it constantly.  I also pray for understanding.  Many involved on my side have filed complaints against the judge and the attorney.  Now it is time for me to speak out.

Vicki for whatever reason you are sending these letters and threats.  They hurt both he and I.  They put his job in jeopardy which I am not against but you are giving him power to use those letters against me further denying me access to my daughters.  The people on the ranch consider you a loon.  Me I just don't care.  If my birthmother is afraid of me, it is because of my strength.  She did after all put it into me.  Trust me if she knew what you are doing, she would be standing beside me and fighting you.   Find something else to hurt me on.  You will have a tough time doing it because the worst has already happened.  No one can hurt me anymore including you.