Friday, September 24, 2010

Dear Vickie

This is REPOSTED for my friend Amy. Vickie, please, leave Amy alone. She is not your enemy.
Vickie, we've corresponded before, sort of. I understand your feelings, but they are misdirected at Amy. As you see, I'm NOT battling with Amy. I told you that many months ago when you privately emailed me. That's why when you called the Orleans MA police, they did not know what you were asking about — because you inquired about Amy Burt, NOT Marilyn. Forget this online drama, please. You have hope. Hold onto that, Vickie.

And now, Amy's letter to you.

Dear Vickie,

There is a reason why you don't have my contact information.  You would send me letters to my home.  My home is my sanctuary.  I will protect it with a fierceness.  I don't understand you.  Why me?  Why Sandy?  Why Robin?  Let me be perfectly clear on something.  I have had nothing to do with your adoption loss.  I did not force you to relinquish your child.  I did not force you to sign any paperwork regarding your relinquishment.  In fact, I was not even in the adoption movement when your relinquishment occurred.  Neither did these other two women.  We had absolutely nothing to do with your situation.  I do not know your full name.  I do not know your address or phone number.  I do not know anything about  you really.  You are an anonymous individual who has focused the blame of your situation on me.  

Every time you send a letter to my ex.  He gives it to me.  Every time, I give it to law enforcement.  It is stalking and harassment.  Why you have picked me is beyond me.  It is not for me to understand any longer.  Its God's situation to handle.  Its not that I don't care but I have learned to listen and be in God's calmness during this storm.  Its the very same with my ex.  In fact, he called you a loon on Friday when he gave me the letter.  Funny thing is you have backed me during this situation.  I do appreciate that.  It doesn't help me though.  Sadly my ex has realized to the fullest extent that he has gotten away with "murder."  He uses it to the fullest extent too.  He is going to use you against me.  I am not worried anymore.  Why?  You are in Indiana.  I am somewhere in Texas.  You can't find me if you tried.  All my numbers, my email accounts, my facebook, my myspace and everything else is so privatized that even the ex couldn't find them.   I did this not because of you but of him.  He has invaded every shred of privacy that I have.  For all I know, he has gotten my medical records. At least you have privacy until the police figure this out.  You hide behind a computer and write anonymous letters.  

I remember a sermon that my preacher talked about.  He had encountered a church member who had a bad experience with a pastor.  It wasn't him mind you.  It was someone else in a different area.  I listen to this sermon.  My pastor, being the kind and loving man that he is, tried defending himself.  He then realized that this person needed to express their angry and hurt over that prior pastor.   So he put on that pastor's hat and listened.  He apologized for what that pastor did to this member.  I gotta love my pastor.  He has come up with some unique ways to solve issues with church members.  He comes up with ways to help heal people instead of further injuring them.  

I apologize for what adoption has done to you.  I apologize for those that took your child.  I apologize for those that forced you to do so.  Admittedly you have scared me and my daughters with your letters, commentary, and other activities.  I did not commit these crimes against you.  I apologize for those that did.  I know how deeply that they have wounded you.  I understand more deeply than any other person because I have an ex husband who is trying to get rid of me and alienate me from my daughters.  In fact, hours before I received your letter, he had threatened me yet again.  You may think that you are making life harder for me but you are not.  Sadly sister it is not worth it to fight with you.  At least you have the hope of seeing your child when he or she turns 18.  If my ex succeeds, I will never see my kids again.  Do  you really want to hurt another woman as you have been?  

Posted by Amy Adoptee at 9/19/2010 10:43 PM

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