Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Improper Adoptee Has Ignored Amy's Request…

…and continues on with her selfish rantings. How sad and pathetic.

To make it 100% clear, "Ms Extremely Improper" has now ignored Amy, who asked that all the nonsense be deleted, especially where her name is used. Ms. Cat has decided that she comes first and everyone else's life comes last, and as long as she can get some attention from her blog, she doesn't care who she hurts by keeping her libel up. How sweet of her, huh?

My blog was not online at all since July 14th. Marilyn didn't even notice that, and continued to claim that I was still blogging about her. This _____ of a woman kept "updating" her blog and insisting I was posting blog entries all the while my blog was offline completely. I just put it back online and public last night — September 18th — for the sake of Amy, who is my friend.

"Improper Adoptee," I want you to know that yes, the police were notified about your blog and know what you've been up to. You're being watched. They were contacted them since you refuse to comply with anyone.

You're a selfish bully. Why can't you just agree to disagree, remove ALL the LIBEL and move on with life? I told you dozens of times that this blog would go hidden when you comply with the police officers and remove all the libel and mentions of me. At this point, you'd now need to remove all mentions of me, Amy, and John's business. Once you comply, I will again HIDE THIS BLOG.

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