Monday, October 4, 2010

Oy Vey Vickie - Just Go Away (by Amy Burt)

Oy Vey Vickie - Just Go Away


I don't hide behind blogs because people know who I am.  Many of them know how to contact me by leaving a comment here or on my facebook.  They can obviously read because they know my email address.  My email addresses are all still the same.  Thanks to my ex and his friends reactivating one email account using that email account and the email account associated with this blog.  Even if you emailed me, I am not required by any law to respond.  I did check one old email address.  I have kept every email since it was reactivated.  There is nothing in there from you.  Its ironic that you know my married name but I don't know your name at all except Vickie/Candy Cane/Indianna Friend.  You even told me the reason why you chose Candy Cane.  It so that you would appear friendly and sweet when you are not exactly sweet.  You have also gone by Blue Clue Mom and Cub Mom as well.  You have been kicked off Adoption Triad Outreach, Origins USA, the CUB email list as well as other forums.  I have not been. 

No one talks about you because honestly they don't care.  I totally ticked off my ex these past two weeks.  He still gave me your letter again.  He is now wanting to throw them out.  He now knows your handwriting so he is just going to hand me the letters unopened.  The police in Indiana and Texas can look at me all they want.  I am a  pretty boring person.  I work and come home.  I spend time with my children and my boyfriend.  I read and watch television every now and then.  I play on the computer as well on occasion.  I don't do a lot of writing because honestly, I am tired of adoption including your adoption situation.  As far as counseling is concerned, I did receive a clean bill of mental health a few months ago.  I don't break the law.  I don't own a gun.  I don't drink.  I don't do anything really interesting to need to involve the police.  If you were a good Christian and had all this training, you would have let this little thing go.  You are not a good one.  You are an obsessed individual because I said you were stalking me.  You are.  I get unsolicited mail from you.  I get unsolicited commentary from you as do many others. 

I did not file any false police reports.  Are you getting letters from me?  Are you getting emails from me?  Nope.  I am getting letters from you.  I have every comment that you have posted about me and others.  Others have gotten letters as well.  We have all turned them over to the police departments in our local areas.  So keep sending them.  We will continue to do the same with the police.  Eventually you will be caught. 

Don't go away mad just go away.  None of us can help you with your issues.  I don't want to help you with your issues either.  Its not my problem.  I was not involved in your situation.  Neither was anyone else.  Bye Bye, see ya, hasta lavista, adios senorita and have a nice life.  Don't let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya.