Saturday, November 27, 2010

Denton, TX and Your Other IP Locations, YOU IDIOT.

Please stay off my blog(s) or I will simply block your entire IP range.
I know who you are, and I would rather you are not a reader. I am asking you nicely, to please not come by. This request goes for your fiancé (LMAO!!!) as well. I don't know what your intentions are, but the content you've looked at, the keywords used and the image files downloaded? It's creepy. I would rather ask nicely and have you comply than have to block an entire IP range to make sure you cannot access any of my blogs or sites whatsoever.

Thank you.

UPDATE: Wichita Falls, TX LISA. Boy, you get around, Lisa, and I mean all your life, huh? I hear you've got a prostitot, too. Did you teach her to be a pre-teen smoker and GOd knows what else? Is that was "good moms" do? Reading about your 13 year old's pregnancy scares... HOLY SHIT, creepy!!!

Don, you're a drunken fuckface. I saved your little messages to me from Myspace. I will send them to any court needed, for Amy. You're a fucking FOOL to think I would be so kind as to choose your side. Played you good, huh? Ha ha, you dumb as a rock cowboy. Correction, drunken, abusive cowboy.

UPDATE: Oh, please stay! I'll keep blogging PUBLIC the antics and abuse of Don and Lisa BURT. No problem, you two substance abusers and forgers can keep on reading. I'm sure more goodies will come my way, and soon — oh soooo soon — I'm going to post it all public. Why? It was public record, sweeties! Lisa has quite the sheet, *wink* *hint* *wink* get it? I love when the trailer marries the trash. Now you both should move to the park! It's so clichĂ© but it's perfect! Get those big pink flamingoes for the side for the trailer, and make sure you run your leather shop in town, so no one sees Lisa squatting to take a shit outside in your fancy "bathroom." :D

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