Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Oh NO You Didn't. Ditto to you, Vickie!

OH GOD, look at your LOAD OF CRAP. It's OVER a YEAR already... MOVE the hell on, lunatic! April 2009, you nut job. Look at it... 2009! MOVE ON, and stop obsessing about me. You are CREEPY!

AMY has even asked you, yet you turned your back on her. Some friend you turned out to be to Amy; your selfishness and needs come before her and her daughters, huh? Just more proof that you are an attention whore.

p.s. Vickie, you're a sick woman (you seem to be, since you're sending me postal mail that all makes no sense, and if you think I'm not taking all your insane illegal stuff to the police, YOU ARE WRONG. I did nothing to you, and you, you idiot, broke FEDERAL LAW. It's illegal to do what you're doing using THE MAIL. Yes indeed. It's a crime. You cannot use the Postal Service to send what you are sending.

I'm taking it to the Postmaster first, then the police precinct. Happy Thanksgiving!

UPDATE for Vickie (and I have no idea how to spell your name because you never told me)
You can send me a dozen more letters... it's not going to change anything. 
Contact me or I am taking your letters to the authorities.

I replied to your email that you sent to me, and you chose to ignore the reply. I asked you many questions privately, via email, and you did not respond. I still have no idea what you are talking about or what your issues or problems are with the people I hear you are having "negative online interactions" with. I don't go to adoption sites or forums, and I don't know those people. I only know Amy, and I know Amy quite well now, because we speak on the phone and we're friends on MySpace and Facebook — and she emails me and I reply.

Marilyn is not Amy. You know that. Amy and Marilyn are no longer friends at all. Amy wrote her off. You should realize that, it's quite obvious, and it's also obvious why. The Improper Adoptee, aka Marilyn, was written off by just about everyone you've mentioned.

As for your accusations; you're wrong. If you took a moment and emailed me privately, I'd reply to you, but you won't. You didn't in March and I don't think you would now. I replied, and I can forward my replies again to you, now, if you ask. Leave a comment here, I have anon turned on. I don't mind. I'm annoyed because you're doing to me what you've done to other people, and I have no idea about why, or what issues you would have with me. I'm not involved in adoption. I tried to ask you what was going on many months ago, and you know you didn't reply to me. You ignored my attempts to talk to you.

So yes, it's creepy. It's creepy because you say "I can meet you in the lobby," but I don't even know you.  You make assumptions and think you know me, and you're so off the mark it's sad. You know what? I would meet with you, but I don't work in that building, Vickie. Another thing you assume is that I have money. You think I can afford to drive down to Indiana. I can't afford to drive into Manhattan at the moment. If you had any contact with me other that just lurking and assuming, you'd know.

Until you make real contact, I am not discussing anything. It's not right or fair. You are just writing letters and wasting your time, because you're guessing, and you have NO IDEA AT ALL.

Lastly, you are very wrong about Amy. If you knew the entire truth, you'd feel differently.
I hate to tell you, but I'm online since '92 and I can tell who is who and what is what. I can profile people  quite well online. Anything else... you'll have to contact me and I will be more than happy to reply to you. I'm not going to have a public discussion when that abusive bitch The Improper Adoptee still has a computer and internet connection. Sorry.

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