Friday, November 19, 2010

Vickie. WTF.

I got your "letter."

Saying "You fucked up." is putting it lightly.

Saying you're coming to NY is getting you arrested. The rest? I don't read and can't translate "crazy-speak," so I have NO IDEA what you're talking about, but you can explain it to officers, since you over-stepped your legal boundaries by harassing me via the president of the agency I work for. You had the nerve to send a letter to the PRESIDENT of the COMPANY? Well, prep yourself for COURT, and try to speak clearly and make sense of this ranting, because we sure can't.

I asked you to be nice. I asked you to reply. I asked you to stop bothering Amy. I told you that Marilyn was the bad person, not Amy (when I realized you confused the two). Now in your nut-letter, you seem to think Marilyn and Amy are the same person?! Is that what you're saying?

Are you capable of TALKING? Writing back? COMMUNICATION?

Because NO WAY are you showing up in the agency lobby to talk when you won't even email me back. Fuck no! Since March I've asked you to explain your email, and you've IGNORED ME, so now you want to COME to NY?!? You want to talk over lunch? WHAT?

Did it ever occur to you that you have NEVER once wrote back? No? OH gee, well, think about it. You seem to be complaining that I'm only listening to one side, and not yours, but you see, you've NEVER EMAIlLED ME BACK!!! You ignored my replies asking you to respond, lady! To top it off, you just lied to me in your letter because I SAW WHAT YOU WROTE TO AMY. Your handwritten letter. Please, don't lie if we are to get along. And please, don't pull that patronizing shit on me. It will get you nowhere, but maybe a court room.

I'm not going to try many more times with you, Vickie. I gave you plenty of opportunities to talk. It was your choice to ignore them. YOU contacted me. You called the Orleans PD asking about AMY, and NO, AMY is NOT Marilyn. Marilyn is the EVIL BITCH in Mass. who writes the blog, and she's the evil and cruel bitch that writes libel, lies, mean stories about people she doesn't even know.

Listen up. You used the mail to make some statements towards me that can be taken as threatening. You are aware that using the postal service in that manner is a Federal crime?

Okay, I guess you are. All the papers and envelope will be taken to the authorities then, if that is the outcome you are looking for???

Seems the "tool shed" comment pertained to you. Sorry, cupcake, but I did my 7 years of college after high school. Even double majored for a while in the 3rd and 4th years. And you? Don't tell me, you're a rocket scientist AND a mad scientist AND a numerical savant who can memorize thousands of poems while doing almost impossible trig equations.


Wait. You did say you were coming to NEW YORK in this letter, right? ANSWER THAT. Or tell the officers if you don't reply within 7 business days. REPLY, Vickie. This isn't a game. I've tried to talk to you for a fucking half year and you've played this little game of "no."


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