Friday, January 28, 2011

STOP and CEASE & DESIST — Images People Come By For.

Not EVERYONE comes to this blog for The Improper Adoptee. Some come by looking for the STOP sign, or the CEASE & DESIST sign. I decided to compile them into one blog entry, just to make things easier, and because on some very old blog entires, the images are no longer there. 

I'd still like Ms. McAboy to Cease and Desist, but the woman is just plain nutters. She can continue until the day she bores herself into a coma; her blog really does me no harm any longer. Everyone knows the facts by now. I'd like Don Burt and his *eh-hem* girlpal (aka "soon to be the new punching bag once that arrangement is finalized, oh, so sad *tear, grabs tissue*) to STOP coming by and looking for something useful for their sick, demented hillbilly joys, but I can't. I'd LOVE IT if Don and that uneducated slu...cough! Thei...cough! Sorry, I have a bad cold. As I was saying, I'd love it if they would Cease and Desist for the sake of the CHILDREN, but WOW are those two selfish!

Anyway, enjoy the images you came by for!

Here you go!

The last one is just for LOL's!

p.s. Sorry Don, but dude, you are one sick, sadistic and evil fucker! You're one lucky man, do you know why? You'd NEVER get away with your SHIT around here. That's right, you COWARD.

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