Sunday, February 27, 2011

Creepy People.

• The Improper Adoptee. (Marilyn) Cyberbully and stalker since 2008. Mentally ill. Won't even read responses to her ludicrous accusations. Nutters! Marilyn, you're not getting the attention today. So sorry.

• Vicki, for NOT replying to anything I wrote back to her, but still lurking all the fucking time. (Why can't you reply, Vicki? If you're so nice and I "don't understand you," then explain! Don't just ignore me after emailing me and sending your postal letters. Jeez!)

• Don Burt Jr. of Texas. Creepy drunken bastard. Liar. Bullshitter. Going on wife #6 (SIX!!! hahahaha!) and is the same age as me. Creep-eeeeee! Past wives all agree; once you are wearing that wedding ring, you are SCREWED, and not in the good way, huns! The "honeymoon" doesn't last too long. *hint wink*

• Lisa, the 6th wife to be. Didn't even complete high school. Has a sordid past that includes theft, drugs, alcohol and promiscuity at a very young age. Lisa, I won't post your last name. Not now. Dare you step out of line, though, and all your secrets come out on every blog I know of. You're a selfish, bitchy, careless whore. And no, trailer trash slutbag, no one is jealous of YOU. Trust me, you're the last person anyone would be jealous of. Laughing at? Oh yeah. Jealous? Oh for fuck's sake you've got to be kidding. You're a foolish idiot. I'm going to be hysterical laughing when you marry that piece of shit. Can you even cook, Lisa? What can you do? (I mean besides acting like a bitch-ass whore)

By the way, Lisa, would you be interested in seeing just how much TIME your little loveboat spends thinking about Amy? I bet not. Lisa, you dumb as a pile of horseshit dingbat, your lovey-bun lurks my blogs all the time, from his computer AND his cell phone.  Daily! He uses that cell phone to look up Amy all the time. Do you have any clue as to how many searches show up for Don Burt Jr., member of the Waggoner RanchDrunk Society, in THREE different trackers? The man is obsessed with his FIFTH wife. It's a riot! Poor you. You're so doomed. Ha ha. p.s. Lisa, you are UNFIT PARENT of the YEAR. After the background check I ran on you, you shouldn't even be allowed near children. You're a scary "mom." Try to NOT turn all the children into the likes of you, hussypants. Drug dealing and credit theft aren't positive words people like to hear when discussing someone's "MOM."

Oh, and Lisa? When you search online from locations other than your town or Don's, it shows up. Don would be pretty ticked off if he found out you were at someone else's shack. Then again, he's doing the same.

Oh, fuck it, Lisa. Here's to YOU. (pun intended)

Here is to You

Do you really want me going there?  I learned a lesson a very hard lesson.  I document everything.  I will be glad to.  Lets start with this bit below.  Didn't he ever tell you that I have a statcounter on all of my blogs?  He knows it.  I have caught him too.  Its all documented.  

Click Image to View FULL SIZE

See that is you.  I have a ton more of that, too. I have the comment you left where you called me a dead beat mother.  Now if you say that online, what are you saying while you are living in the home of my daughters?  That can and has been tracked back to you.  Its obvious its you because of your lack of grammatical skills.  Not even Don writes that stupid. 

You may say that I was wife number five.  Yea I admit that.  Its not something that I am proud of.  I walked into the relationship blind.  I did not have the ex wives telling me that he was abusive, an alcoholic, and a cheater.  They have told me that now.  Something that you should be concerned about is his anger about me.  Ironically every time he opens his mouth,  he is whining about my leaving him all the while you are standing there saying that you will never leave him.  He doesn't hear you.  Geez girlfriend he ain't over me yet.  He can tell you that he hates me but deep down, he still wants me.  I am the one that he would like to see in those cute little maid pics of yours.  You know I gotta wonder.  With your short cropped hair, dentures, and flat chest, I wonder if he has got this closet gay thing going on.  You really do look like a boy instead of a woman.  Lets not forget a few other things.   I can't be sued for slander because I can document.  You can try all you want.  You guys can create a blog about me.  Didn't think I knew about that did you?  .  Your first husband was seventeen and you were nineteen.  Do you want me bringing that up?  Its all part of your background.  It's public record.  You stayed with him for a few years after he began serving time.  He was seventeen wasn't he when you two got married?  Weren't you nineteen? Who really influenced whom in that dynamic? Then again looking at his history and what you are marrying, not really much different.  How long do you think it will take him before he is back online looking for someone else?  You do know that he told my sister that he feels a woman owes him sex any time, any place, and at his command.  You are already bought and sold by him.  He owns you now.  He has tried numerous times to break me.  He can't and that frustrates him.  He met you on Tagged didn't he?  He can meet another one.  How will you feel when he tells you that you are ugly and flat chested?  He tells you now more than a mouthful is a waste.  Wait until he compares you to his new female friends online.  He will because he will get sick and tired of you being his little maid.  He will get bored with you.   He will move onto something else.  You won't like it.   He will get tired of your ignorance. He will eventually get furious with you that you can't get a decent paying job because it requires a high school diploma or GED.  He will call you stupid, too.  He knows what I am capable of.  He still craves me like he craves his Canadian whiskey and his nappy light beer.  I dealt with the four huge elephants in his life.  Now you have to deal with five huge elephants in the room. Four of them may eventually vanish but I am a little too real and too there.   He will never be secure in your love for him.  Why?  The one woman who stuck with him for fourteen years left him. He will keep his finances separate from yours.  He will also expect you to pay for more.  He will always have one foot out the door.  You will see.  He will keep his pics separate from yours.  He will always keep his stuff separate from your stuff and even our daughters' stuff.  He has the mentality of what is his is his and what yours is his.  I wonder how pissed you will be when he doesn't get you anything for your birthday or Valentine's Day.  See this doesn't start happening until after he gets that ring on your finger.  Don't think he won't think about how you cheated on your husband with him.  That will always be in the back of his mind.  If she cheated on her husband of fourteen years, she will do it to me.  

You can have my sloppy seconds.  I don't care.  He is useless to me.  Remember girlfriend, I have already had your man.    Your new husband wasn't man enough for me.  He knows it, too.  That is what drives  him even more crazy, too.  Something else for you to consider.  Those wives know you cheated with my ex.  All the cowboys talk about you.  How they would love a piece of you!  Those women know it, too.  You will see it.  Just like he has knives in his back, you will have double your share.   Its time for me to celebrate your impending nuptials.  I am loving every minute of it.  Here is toasting to ya!

Lisa Michelle Turnbow, age 38, Petrolia, TX 76377

Dentures? Are you a meth addict or did you just happen to lose your teeth by 38. Hmmm.