Friday, February 11, 2011

The Improper Adoptee is Obsessed with Me. She is a STALKER.

The severely mentally unbalanced — untreated emotional and mental illnesses which are quite apparent — "Improper Adoptee" is still posting in her old blog entry from back in March 2010, claiming it's only the "second update" to the blog entry, yet it's already approximately the 6th or 7th update to the rambling nonsense. Add to the nauseating bullshit in the blog entry the fact that this moron can't acknowledge that all her asterisked issues were answered a few times on my blog, in detail, so she could no longer complain that she was ignored or not given answers to certain actions — imagined or real.

It's February, Marilyn. Move the hell on. Get a life.
Vicki is someone else. She lives in Indiana. She isn't me. Ask anyone, if you have anyone left to ask, since you've lost all your friends, have you not?

Listen, crazylady. The libel is all over your blog. I'm just here documenting your insanity and harassment towards me since 2008. Everything I've every posted had been factual. If it wasn't, you'd have been able to do something about it long ago.

February 2011, and you still are updating a blog entry you typed March 2010?
You're not just a little crazy. You need serious help.

I'd fix that mistake at the very least, Marilyn. It's your ****SEVENTH RECENT UPDATE****
you cyberstalking nutter.

Do everyone a favor. Shut up.
Why? I said so.

78 and 80.




Stop bothering people. Live the rest of your life NOT dwelling on ME, ADOPTION, and HATE.

p.s. If I'm a hacker, why haven't you proven it in three years? In fact, why haven't you posted proof to any of your accusations?

Right. No proof. Bye!

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