Sunday, March 13, 2011

Don and Lisa Burt — TRASH. [Cowardly Bullies, like The Improper Adoptee]

Don and Lisa Burt — TRASH. [Cowardly Bullies, like The Improper Adoptee]
This is for Don, because he had the audacity to contact me and pretend he was a victim and that he really needed my help. He claimed Amy was mentally ill, obsessed with her adoption and he needed information—from me. Well, sorry dude, but NO. I already knew what you were up to. I had seen your action on your Myspace profile, well, one of them at least, and you, "sir," were leading on a handful of women. You even had Lisa jealous. You really thought I was going to help you? As if I cared that Vickie sent you rambling letters, too. Did you think we bonded over stalker postal mail? After I say what I have to, a new paragraph will begin with the word "Comments" in bold. From there on is taken directly from Amy's blog and not my words. (That is being said for The Improper Adoptee, who is making libelous comments and assumptions. Amy asked me to repost for her. I don't have access to Amy's Statcounter, Ms. McAboy.)

Don, you really should watch what you say online AND in front of others, because I overheard something quite disturbing, and it was proof you not only neglect your own children, but you expose them to adult scenarios and situations they should not be exposed to. Sorry, coward, but I heard it on the phone, and NO, it wasn't Amy talking. And YES, your slut monkey is a uneducated moron. (and looks like a lesbian... not that I have anything against lesbians, but she definitely must get hit on by more bull dykes than men! (again, I support LBGT all the way, but I bet DON the Drunk doesn't, so when he sees the bull dykes (manly) eyeballing his "woman," well, that's life when your girl looks like a boy! Sadly, once they would find out she's an uncultured, ignorant, imbecilic birdbrain, they'd lose all interest, and the skank would be all yours again. No, I doubt you'd get a threesome going with anyone hot using Lisa as bait. OH wait, Lisa doesn't know what you've said on Myspace in the past, does she? OMG, did I blow your covert actions?

Three sheets to the wind often much? Ha ha ha!!!
So the Cowardly Couple think they're hot shit, but no, they're actually just The Trashy Trailer Tramp and Tripping Tanked Turbulent Twit Twins.

Don, do you know that you and Lisa are both playing the same sneaky game on each other, even as you enter into this oh-so-holy marriage (OMFG LOL, that alone is so hilarious)? Yes indeed. Does Lisa know that you sent private messages to a handful of the other women on your main myspace profile, women you chatted up all the time, and pretended it wasn't serious with Lisa? Did you ever think for a second that any of those women weren't real, but a fake, planted to make a jackass fool out of you?

OH the time will come, Don dear. I'm just waiting. I'm going to LOVE IT. Lisa is going to kick your cowardly cowboy ass when she reads the love notes I got my hands on, buddy. Ha ha ha!

Lisa, I know you're a raging bitch, but sorry, you unschooled dimwit, all the shit on your past? It's true. A paid-for people search with criminal records included is such a resource; an unfathomable bottomless pit of negative, nasty dirt on you and your family. There's a comprehensive "call-out sheet" on Don, too, so if you have the bucks, pay up and take a look-see!

One last thing, Donnyboy. You're as uneducated as your trampling. Take a look at your post. What a grammatical and spelling nightmare. Did you go to school, or did you just start drinking at age 8 and sit around thinking about how many women you would trick into marrying you, women who had no idea what a fucktard you are, before a real idiot married you knowing you're a fucking waste of air and space on this planet? Count your spelling errors and your mistakes in grammar. Can you do that? I doubt it. you're as educated as a pile of horse shit. Maybe you and Lisa can mop floors at Sonic, and stop mooching off an employed, educated, straight woman with couth. Amy is refined. Lisa is not. Amy has good manners and Amy knows and wants what is best for her children. You and Lisa? Selfish, impolite and rude. Amy is diplomatic and tactful. How would I know?

I read your emails. I hear your comments via my sources. Amy doesn't need to convince me of anything.
Again, sorry buddy, but I'm no imbecile like Lisa or you; college for 7 years, I double-majored. I received an almost perfect score on the NY State exams for English; I missed one question out of hundreds. If the two of you speak like you write and post, my God, I feel sorry for anyone who "learns" from you two geniuses.

p.s. I love the dirt on Lisa's daughter. What is it like to have a prosti-tot like girl around you? Knowing you, I'd rather not know the answer. Thinking a mom/daughter thing, eh? Gross.