Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Message for V.

I'm told two postal letters are in the city, with my name on them. You sent them to a friend, and I have no idea when I will be able to get the letters. Can you please email me privately? I have no idea what the letters are about. Thanks V.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Grow Up, Marilyn.

It's time you pull up your big girl panties and grow up, Marilyn. You've alienated all your friends, including those you had online—including the very last one, Amy. Amy sent you an email and told you she was done with you, and she warned you what would happen if you did not remove the garbage you have on your blog pertaining to her and her family. Did you ignore Amy just like you ignore everyone else? I'm sure you did, so I suggest to you, Marilyn McAboy, to go back to you little email inbox and read Amy's email and take it seriously. Amy doesn't deserve one bit of what you've dished out to her.

As for this load of CRAP you still have on your pathetic "blog," all I can say is you are one hell of a deluded woman. You keep a blog entry dated March 17, 2010 and you update it numerous times per year since, included many times in 2011. What a nut case that makes you. You pretend to have left "Blogger" yet you keep editing the same psycho-babble over and over again. You're a freak.

You lie, you tell deluded stories, you are the most dramatic attention whore. Everyone is sick of you.
And by the way, you idiot, I didn't call the police because you called me a hacker (are you 12, you immature fool?!?), I called because you are a deviant and a mentally ill stalker, a cyberbully who can't control herself and was told long ago to stop it, but never did. As a FAVOR TO YOU, I took this entire blog down, but you had no self-control over your urges to harass and bully me, and you continued your online abuse towards me and you still to to this very day. You don't even read, which is why you just repeat yourself like a deluded fool. All your asinine BS listed off in your entry below was answered for you oh-so-long ago, but you are so wrapped up in your little world called "ME! ME! ME!" (ATTENTION WHORE) that you can't bother to read it.

Grow up and SHUT UP, you twisted, miserable, lonely and cold, bitter bitch.

I'm NOT sorry that I have friends, a life, hobbies, a fabulously awesome son, family and I grew up with the best Mom and Dad anyone could ask for. I was the first of three, and we were loved to bits! Every school break, we were taken on vacations, in a private plane no less! My grandfather was a pilot and owned a plane he kept locally, a plane I'd been in since I was 6 months old. (And yes Marilyn, I grew up with all 4 of my grandparents, too) My maternal grandparents had a summer home in south Florida. I loved swimming with fish, diving and windsurfing for many years. Yes, Marilyn, I had a great childhood, and no, I am not sorry about it. I will rub it in your face and smile as I do so. I went to Florida all the time. I went to Disney World so many times, we all decided to start skipping it until it changed. When we didn't fly, we drove, and stopped at Busch Gardens and other sites, like Williamsburgh, VA and Ocean City, MD. Virginia Beach, Sanibel Island, and I can go on and on! I was scuba diving as a teenager, a certified lifeguard and visiting islands in the Bahamas. Always shy and quiet, I was a good student and exceptional in the arts, never in trouble. I stayed away from sports even though I could play baseball as good or better than some of the boys on my block. I skated, I took long bike rides with my Dad, and I took 4 years of traditional karate right before college.

Now that I have my own family, I am teaching my awesome and handsome son everything possible. He's bright, compassionate and has a great sense of humor. He loves to learn, to be with family and he loves animals. He's a vegetarian. He loves to read books, do math, play outside and grow things in the garden. He likes to talk about animals, the ocean, space and most of all, his family.

Can you stop obsessing over your deluded and twisted lies about me now? I know, you can't. Well, it would be in YOUR best interest to remove a lot of your garbage, because I'm not the only one who is sick and tired of your crap, you sick, creepy old hag.

BTW you crabby and miserable bitch. AMY IS MY FRIEND. I happen to care very much about Amy and her welfare. You are putting Amy in a position she shouldn't even have to be in where you are concerned. You know nothing about her or her personal life. How dare you disrespect her. 

Get over your 2008 Trader Joe's Myspace post. You're not even vegan, and no one even knows if you're vegetarian. For all we all know, you eat fish, or you wear wool or leather. How would anyone know, right? All you do is hide, so you might be sitting there right now chowing down a veggie burger with cheese with a side of green beans with bacon bits. Get my point? Anyway, no time really for you, cupcake. I'm a militant vegan bitch who is sooooo not an abolitionist vegan, but quite the opposite. 

I'm posting the following in response to your constant blatant ignorance. Pay attention.


10 FACTS as Opposed to 10 LIES:

10 Truthful Replies to Her 10 Retarded Comments.

If You're "Leaving Blogger," Why Do You Keep Editing Your Page? Yeah, you're leaving. Sure. You just keep changing and adding to the same March 17th blog entry. How asinine.
Idiot, I've already proven all the points you attempted to highlight below, but I'll do it again, just because you're so darned special. Special like a flesh-eating virus.

By the way, Steppy-Poo, also know as Improper Adoptee; do you remember when you went around using the nickname "Burned?" Yes indeed, that was you. You used it on the AAAFC forum and you were booted off there for your behavior. FACT. That was long before you began harassing me, cupcake.

You are also being reported for continuing to use my images without permission. This will include images I can still access on your Blogger server/Picasa Webs. You are in Iinfringement in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA") Each image will be reported separately for copyright infringement. You can clearly see on all my pages that you of all people are not allowed to use my photos. You're screwed on this one, loony, unless you remove all of them before they get the reports. 

The Improper Adoptee penned a blog exploiting my son, who at the time was a toddler. She posted photos and wrote disgusting things about him. If it were not for the Orleans, PD, the blog might still be up, and Marilyn would still be joyfully exploiting my son with sexual deviancy and disgusting pornographic content. Publicly. With no remorse or care. The woman is SICK and EVIL.

I'm going to post FACTS, unlike you and your harassing libel, you motherfucking abusive lunatic! FACTS with PROOF, you crazy unmedicated psycho.

p.s. It's flattering...NOT! that you COPY all my lingo, my wording, that I use here and you now use it on your blog you keep claiming you're not going to use anymore. I've noticed all the "fresh, new words" you've learned from me. It makes me gag. You're completely uneducated. You are a total idiot on the computer, and you have lousy grammar and spelling. GO back to school, volunteer for good causes and stop harassing me and other good people. Asshole.

10 FACTS as Opposed to 10 LIES:

1. YES, I have. I discuss it in a few blog entries and I specifically make note that your blog and it's harassment was started long before that group was. I also mention that I did NOT create the group, but I did participate in it. It was created many, many months after you had already posted numerous libelous blog entries about me and other users on MySpace that you decided were trolls, bullies or evil.

2. YES, I have. I've posted my original, first email to you many times over and over, and included your reply, which you sign "Love Step." I had no idea back then that you'd even think for one moment that I'd make up a story about an adopted person. I had no idea you were a mean, cruel and bullying person with severe mental problems. I was being sincere, honest and nice. I helped you many times. You told the police, who I called and filed complaint against you, that you did all "this stuff to me" because "I hurt your feelings" when I wrote to you about Anne. To this very day, you still think Anne is fictional. How pathetic. I just reposted our original correspondence for your viewing pleasure. You know it's unedited because it is the exact same message as you have "burned to CD" from two years ago, right?

3. I didn't owe you an apology. I told you that I wasn't making fun of your post. I said so right after you flew off the handle. I didn't even really comment on your rambling topic post. I said 3-4 words. You went BALLISTIC. Here you are, psychotic batty woman:



West Hempstead & Long Beach,

New York

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Posted: Jun 7, 2008 9:15 AM 

Mittens [the Cat] wrote:

"...but SoDelicious has something for everbody, including poor abused dairy cows."

WTF! haha. Ooooh-kay.

StepFordChild wrote:

If you really cared about animal rights, you’d know what I meant. Vegans do. When you attack people trying to reduce the purchases of dairy products to help the animals, like you attacked me, you make yourself look like an immature 7th grade bully, disturbed, selfish and mean. Not good characteristics to fight the war on animal abuse...



West Hempstead & Long Beach,

New York

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"What the hell are you talking about? The post above is not an attack.

BTW, people in glass houses should not throw stones.

Remember,the bully is the one who violated TOS and had her profile deleted. That was you. The one who spews cruel libelous tales. Now calm yourself down. Your post was just not fully understood — like how "SoDelicious has something for everybody, including poor abused dairy cows." What does SoDelicious have for dairy cows?!? And don’t tell me about vegans,vegetarians or AR/AA people. You are not the only person in the worldon the side of animals, TYVM". 
I clearly stated it was NOT an attack, but that your wording was misunderstood. If you cannot take a joke and then explain what you meant, you shouldn't post on any public forum.

4. Make clear what on earth you're babbling about. At you talking about my standing up for myself after you posted libel about me? How about that topic you made called "SPOOKIE IS A POSER" where you went off like an out of control fire? *I* was always sticking up for you, for months, and asking MySpace to delete topics that users made about you, and then you turned on me. When I became moderator, you really went nuts. All of that is your fault, not mine. You became everyone's enemy. You know as well as I do that I simply suggested you make two profiles. I even said that you had a lot of good things to say, to post, but it was getting lost in the chaos caused by the craziness on the forum/group. I was NOT in any way rude or mean to you. You were obviously paranoid and delusional. I'm sorry I thought you might be a nice person. My bad.

5. Fight back? Lying and posting horrible bulletins about me is "fighting back?" That's a load of crap. You violated Terms of Service as per MySpace and were deleted. I have the email from Myspace confirming their review of your online behavior and their decision to remove you posted here many times. You were angry that all of us, me included, reported you and your profile was deleted, and when you returned and violated TOS again, you were deleted again. You were not fighting back — you were bullying us and making up cruel, hideous lies to hurt and abuse us. You were spreading defamatory stories about me and my son, and claiming that I abuse animals. Yes, I reported you and had you deleted. You weren't fighting back. you were a cyberbully, and all the adoptees in 3-4 adoptee groups agreed.

6. Moot.

7. I didn't "pick on" your "friends." Your friend Amy Burt decided to get involved, though, stand up for you (and it's all water under the bridge now). All I did was send each one anemail explaining what you were doing to me. They didn't want to believe me. End of story. Amy, though, decided to attack. Amy blogged about me, yes, and I blogged back. Amy believed you, Marilyn. Why wouldn't she? She knows you. Things have changed, lady. I don't think Amy has seen your blog lately, nor do I think she'd approve of your blog currently. Turn your comments on, let people contact you, stop hiding... and listen up. Stop mentioning Amy. Everything you say on your blog concerning Amy and me is a BIG LIE.

8. You were not set up. In fact, I can post JPG's and PDF's for download of you bashing Christians — on Myspace, on other people's blogs — and you stating that you cannot stand the church and their "baby stealing." Don't go there. You'll only make a fool of yourself even more so.

9. This comment of yours is ridiculous and a complete fabricated lie. Who are these people you speak of? This is just a paranoid, unstable-minded comment made by you which only proves further that you need help. I don't know what you're even talking about. It's crazy-talk.

10. Utter nonsense. Libel. Abusive lies. No one has ever complained about me. You just pull insanity out of your ass. My reputation online in impeccable. I'm known in the ARA community and in other circles. I'm known to be kind, caring and trustworthy. People have seen your blog and they blow it off with a laugh. No one believes you. I want it down, as does my employer, because it's libel, it's abusive and it's harmful. That's why my employer is taking legal action against you. No, I'm not kidding. I'm not even involved this time. I have a position where I work ON THE INTERNET. They want you OFF IT because you're a libel-spewing stalker who is harassing me, and you upset my work. You're done, lady.

I will NOT ask you again.

If you do NOT remove all your HARASSMENT, I'm posting your adoption info I found on the internet. Oh, and some details about you, your homophobia, your ex and... you catching on yet?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I'M BEING CYBERSTALKED BY A DELUSIONAL PSYCHOPATH.: "Well it's June 19th..." and You're Still a Libelous Stalking FREAK.

I'M BEING CYBERSTALKED BY A DELUSIONAL PSYCHOPATH.: "Well it's June 19th..." and You're Still a Libelous Stalking FREAK.

Hey Homo-bashing Kat, remember this, a year ago? Get with it, you LOSER.

Get off your high horse. Oh, and stop the hate on lesbians.