Saturday, July 2, 2011

If The Improper Adoptee aka Marilyn McAboy Has ANY Friends Left...

Please tell the nutter that coming to this blog repeatedly and ONLY reading the entry from June 19th 2010 won't answer her asinine and deluded questions. She needs to read entries from past July 2010 and much more importantly, 2011.

The nut case is still stalking me, yet refuses to read the answers to her harassing crap. She also spends 3 minutes a shot, so she only picks what she wants to, then runs off like the little child she is. I want this insane, disturbed bitch out of my life! If I posted the KEYWORDS this freak uses, you'd all be appalled. She is a bigot, a racist, she hates Jews and Christians—she hates just about everyone. Sometimes her keywording is just immature and child-like, such as "stupid spookie is a loser." A woman over 50 is actually typing that into a search engine... yes, seriously.

Whoever knows her, even someone on Nickerson Road in Orleans, MA, just tell this crazy woman to MOVE ON WITH LIFE!!!

Marilyn McAboy, living on Nickerson... in Orleans, MA: Leave me the hell alone, or I will join forces with Amy to take down your disgusting blog of HATE.

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EOPC TEAM said...

check out this harasser and his proxies - harassing people they think run our site... for almost 3+ years.

and his Facebook

Keep the faith and don't give up!!!