Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Vickie. You Need to Email Me Privately. This is Getting Ludicrous.

Firstly, Vickie, I never attacked you in any manner. 
Secondly, I never did anything to you that was done to hurt you in any way. 
Yet you send me letters and seem to have a serious grudge against me.
I reached out to you, did you not get that message? 

As I said on June 28th, 2011, I knew you'd sent letters to NYC, but I had no idea when I would be able to get them. I just received FOUR you sent to me, via him, by FEDEX. I only read the first one, and it was enough for now. I will read the others, but when I have time. when I feel I can handle your attacks and ramblings, which all make no sense because you accuse me of things that never happened, and you claim I did things to which I owe you an apology. I do not. I'll make it all very clear as soon as I can. Not tonight, it's almost 2:30am and I've worked all night after taking care of a preschooler earlier.

One thing that stood out immediately in your letter was that you claim I told you that The Improper Adoptee was not Marilyn McAboy, but then you saw on one of my blogs that I said she was, and is, Marilyn McAboy. Let m make this clear as possible, because I've never ben rude to you, attacked you or done anything wrong towards you. Your comments in the letters are all wrong. I don't even know what most of what you wrote is about. But I o know I've always been clear about who The Improper Adoptee is. The Improper Adoptee is Marilyn McAboy. She was formerly known as Stepford Child, and in some forums, Burned. I have never contradicted myself about these facts.

As for your being upset about my posting the map: back then—quite a while ago—you were stalking my blog daily, sometimes a few times a day. I had NO IDEA who it was, who you were, so I thought if I said "Hello!" in a different way, it would bring you out of hiding. If you read all I've ever written, you'd know then that I did once ask "who is in Indiana, always reading?" You didn't respond.

I gave you my Gmail email address. you say you used it, and in your letters, you say you're going to email me. Well, that was late June, and no, I received no email(s) at my Gmail account.

I never lied to you, or betrayed you. Why did you write such a nasty, berating, negative letter?

And by the way... people do change. Amy Burt is not doing adoption stuff at this time. Someone is probably pretending to be her, possibly Marilyn McAboy, who is angry, furious and very off the wall about Amy breaking their ties, their "friendship," because The Improper Adoptee/Marilyn McAboy was blogging about Amy and Amy's family, and Amy asked her to stop, nicely, many times. I was not good for her young daughters. Marilyn refused. The Improper Adoptee had pretended to be Amy's friend for years, and still does by the BS on her blogs that refer to Amy and Amy's life, but Marilyn McAboy has stabbed Amy in the back, and does not care at all. She cares nothing for the lives of the children, probably doesn't really care about anyone's children, as long as she gets her way and gets to libel, bash and post defamatory crap about other people, even if it will hurt the children in one way or another. She did it to me; to a toddler who wasn't even walking yet. She'd find nothing wrong with doing it to two young growing girls who need stability now, not chaos. I'm sorry, but you are very wrong.

Try being nice and maybe the truth will come through. Your letter I read, and as I said before, I only read one, the first one of four, was mean, cruel, full of wrong information, and I can go on with adjectives, but why bother? you took my words and read into them what you wanted to. You've already decided I am not nice, caring, kind or compassionate. You're sadly WRONG. You wrote lies to me about things that either never happened between us, or that you think did...I have no idea. But if you had contacted me properly, I'd not just be getting to this in October. You are just really WRONG about TOO MANY THINGS you wrote in "letter #1"—or is it actually 4 by now, and the rest are 5,6 and 7?

You say I don't know you, but you've not realized at all how I've tried to know you. you write riddles and little side-notes that point fingers, and it all confuses me because I am not in the world of adoption, so the references make no sense to me, the accusations fly over my head. I don't know the names, the forums, the on-goings. I can guess, from reading part of your letter, that someone is pretending to be someone they are not, and it's causing problems. But again, I'm not in the forum or list and can't give a good profiling without first-hand knowledge. I'd need to be in there myself to evaluate it and give feedback that was honest, with all the users, a timeline, and hours studying use of words. It takes time. I don't have the luxury of that time to divide from my own activism, but more importantly, from my dear son. What time I have, he comes first. Then comes my own passion for what I do activism for. After that, there's barely time for me to try to do my 3am in the morning. Do you understand what I am saying?

You need a better approach to writing, to communicating with me, or we cannot ever clear up whatever it is you think is going on. You can write to him in NYC forever. I might never get them for a year next time. You need to contact me as I said. Directly. And no, I don't meet strangers in the city, or anyplace. I don't even have the cash to go into the city, to get to the city. You obviously think many things about me that are far off-base. You think a New York born and bred woman who visited museums and was in special classes for gifted talent would not be "cultured?" You think I am not educated, but I told you, I took my first college course while still in 12th grade. I then went to college for  5 years, matriculated, because I took two majors. I spent another two years going to college and working in advertising AT THE SAME TIME, in New York City. I think you have me confused with someone else. Either that, or you just want to make me think you don't realize who I am.

A mother.

A highly sensitive person.

An animal lover, an animal rights activist.

A selfless person that helps others even when I shouldn't be because it might mean I'm giving up my food shopping for myself for a week, or it may mean I'm risking something by helping another...but I do it because I care. If I only have 2 dollars in loose change on me and a stranger in short some change to buy the one meal of their day, I give them my change I can spare.

I follow the "Pay it Forward" way of thinking. 

I am so sensitive, so full of empathy, I have a physical response. 

I am "The Helper" in a test you can find online and in books. Google it.

You don't know me at all. 

I will read the other letters when I can. I am very busy with my son, a family crisis and a freelance project this week. I don't have the luxury of just pushing it all aside and spending hours on these letters, deciphering them, and then responding...and responding via a public blog because you refuse to give me a way to respond to you in private. Then you get angry that I post public. Do something to change that or you leave me no other means of communication. It's not my fault I can't privately contact you. You choose to remain secret.

TUESDAY, JUNE 28, 2011

Message for V.

I'm told two postal letters are in the city, with my name on them. You sent them to a friend, and I have no idea when I will be able to get the letters. Can you please email me privately? I have no idea what the letters are about. Thanks V.