Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Marilyn McAboy of Orleans, MA -- "The Town Crazy"

Marilyn McAboy, aka The Improper Adoptee. A mentally disturbed woman in Massachusetts who cannot let go of her cyberstalking past.

To this very day, this schizophrenic and bipolar woman, (who doesn't believe in medication and states so publicly, which is why I mention her mental illness) hence her bizarre behavior and libelous posts online towards dozens of people—some who are aware and some who are not aware of her attacks and insane rants, is still obsessed with me and with Amy Burt. Amy has changed her name, and she wants nothing to do with this psychotic woman who sent her emails calling her "Judas." Amy was called Judas and other derogatory names simply because she didn't agree with the behavior of Marilyn and because Amy told "The Improper Adoptee" that she and I are friends, which infuriated IA. Amy and I weren't always friends, but once we got down to talking, we became friends...and remain so to this day. Amy is a friend for life, and that is something Marilyn is infuriated about. Amy will always be a friend to me, regardless of what this sick woman "Improper Adoptee" posts online. Marilyn McAboy's words are merely words. Words on a screen and nothing more. She's nobody. Nothing. Meaningless to this world.

Marilyn, or as she rather be called, "Kat," aka "The Improper Adoptee" has maintained that she is friends with Amy and stands up for her. Fact is fact—Amy requested that Marilyn McAboy remove all references from her blog and elsewhere, and when Amy saw no results, she contacted this delusional woman again, almost begging for her to remove all content in which Marilyn mentioned Amy. Amy is NOT friends with Marilyn, nor does she support her or her blog.

"The Improper Adoptee" has cyberstalked me since 2008. It's apparent that this woman is obsessed with me and has created a fictional relationship between us. In her world she's a victim. In her world, she's never had the police come to her home to let her know that if she crosses the line again, she will indeed be arrested. In the real world, Marilyn McAboy is a nuisance and has a police file full of complaints against her for many years. She's what the police called "The Town Crazy." She can continue to libel me and post her delusions all she likes, because anyone with even half a brain cell knows that what this deluded woman "Improper Adoptee" writes is nonsense. Marilyn McAboy has no credibility. No proof to her insane ramblings and rants about me or others she's attacked. She is just a cyberbully who likes to play victim. No one buys her story any longer. She's lost all her old friends from years ago, when she first started lying about me. People caught on; they did their research and found out the truth, the facts, and "Kat" came out looking like quite the idiot.

She's a racist, a bigot and a liar. Just ignore her UNLESS YOU FEEL YOU ARE IN DANGER OR BELIEVE SHE IS STALKING YOU. She's a jealous woman who can't stand it if others have lives that go beyond her tunnel vision. To put it simply, she's an internet troll and has been for many years. The only difference now is that she can't troll using her old usernames and ID's she loved so dearly and didn't want to give up. Now she hides behind anonymous posts and fake names. Her style of writing is still the same, so she's easy to spot on forums and blogs, in groups or posting to news articles.

She's full of rage, hate and anger; lashing out if anyone replies with even so much as a hint of disagreement with her. Again, just ignore this woman if you come across her. Skip the police. They have more important things to do than to deal with the town crazy. Only call the police if this woman threatens you or posts a hate crime (as she has done in the past against gays and Jews). Ignoring her is the best route to take. She's a waste of time. Don't even allow her to feel she has bothered you. She doesn't bother me. I laugh at her now. I think her blog is funny. Her rambling on and on about me as if she really believes what she posted just makes me realize what a total idiot she is and how empty her life is. Ignore her. It's the best response to a disturbed person who refuses treatment. She's empty inside. She needs to do what she does to feel alive. Pathetic as that is, that's her entire existence, her life. Ignore this lunatic of a woman who lives in the past, unless you feel threatened or believe she is stalking you, too. If you think you are being stalked by her, and you've gotten any harassing messages, emails, etc. online that match the "writing style" of this nutter (bad grammar, misspelled words, missing words/incomplete sentences, due to her manic state while typing), print it out and go to your local police. They will open a complaint, and yes, she will be watched.

Marilyn McAboy
Born 11-19-1959 in St. Petersburg, Florida
Conard High School, West Hartford, CT  Class of 1978
Currently in Orleans, MA
or…? Back in West Hartford, CT? On her way to commit a crime? Quite possible...and that is why she is a threat and must be monitored. She's manic, actively stalking and possibly thinking of a murder-suicide. (She's in Orleans, MA still, as she has been for years)

Suicidal, full of hate, miserable, paranoid and still posting defamation towards me, Amy and many others discussed on her supermarket check-out styled "paper." 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Marilyn McAboy—Still Obsessed with Libeling Me and Amy. "The Improper Adoptee" is a STALKER.

It's 2012. This crazy lady still updates her nutjob rants about me, and Amy! Amy is not even friends with this loose cannon. Amy and I are both victims of this woman's methodical, premeditated abuse. She befriends you, then finds a reason to turn on you and feel a deep hatred towards you and anything you stand for or have, including your family. She then harasses, stalks and creates horrible drama for you and your family, your friends, etc. and she is enjoys is thoroughly. How many YEARS has it been?!? OMG. She began harassing me relentlessly in 2008. SHE HAS YET TO STOP. This woman is completely out of control, and a glance at her blog is proof enough. She devotes almost 75% of her blog to obsessing and stalking ME. I am the main focus on her sidebar. I'm the main focus after blog entries, in a huge manic blurb of crazy talk nonsense. I'm the main focus in a large handful of her labels, the key words used on her blog. I'm the main focus on her most edited and used blog entry. For a blog that's supposed to be about adoption, Marilyn has shown the public that her blog isn't really about adoption, but about hatred, rage, psychotic outbursts and most of all, her stalking and harassment of me.

The "town crazy" in Orleans, MA is still making accusations. After all this time, I'd thought she'd given it up. She's also still pretending to be friends with Amy Burt, who doesn't even use that last name any longer. Amy requested that "Improper" remove all references to her from her blog long ago, and in reply, Improper  sent her an email with the subject titled JUDAS and Amy decided to just delete it, since Marilyn was just ranting and raving on lies and deluded nonsense.

Marilyn McAboy is mentally ill, but that is no excuse for her disgusting comments on her blog about me or anyone else. She is a vile and hateful person who wants others to be as miserable and lonely as she is. If she tries to make friends with you, do yourself a favor and run, don't walk. This woman is a parasite. She was a fake on social networks and will be the same on forums and on any online service. Heed with caution; the woman is nothing but toxic. She's tried to make trouble with people I went to college with, co-workers and with friends. In other words, this lunatic stalked me first and then she used my information to stalk my friends, co-workers and people I work with, including stalking a man I do freelance work for—she would call his business and ask for him, and got angry when he was not available and would get the answering service. She also stalked another woman who used to work at the same agency.

Beware of this woman. She's nothing but trouble and after years and years of stalking and abuse, she still has a stick up her ass about me and Amy, and continues to leave nasty messages and comments about me on the internet, all because I have a friend from college who was adopted. She concocted a story to make herself seem like a victim and then she came after me like a psychopath out for blood. She told people I worked for adoption agencies. She insisted I was involved with adoption of human babies. She claimed I did drugs and drank. She told the world via her manic, hate-filled public blog that my son isn't mine, but adopted. She's completely a textbook case of serious mental disorders. She's just a nut job with nothing better to do than harass people. I had to call the police in her area and they had to go to her home twice to speak to her and let her know that if she did not stop harassing me, they would arrest her and confiscate her computer. (This was after she'd posted a blog entry calling me a "Kikehole." and claimed that Jews think they  can molest children because she says it's in the Talmud!) She was almost arrested for hate crimes since she went on a rant about how the Germans should have finished the job—The Holocaust. She denies it all over her lunatic blog, but it was her—and I have the proof—as do the police in Massachusetts. When they went to visit her at her home on Nickerson Rd., she admitted to creating the anti-semitic blog site that also contained bestiality, child exploitation and defamation. She admitted to all of it, while sobbing hysterically. She denies all of this daily, but unfortunately for this unstable woman, it's all the truth.

She was against ALL adoption from the time this woman started posting in my groups on Myspace until recently; I always said she was wrong to denounce ALL adoption because parentless children would be forever without any parents and trapped within the system for their entire childhood. The Improper Adoptee did receive all my messages concerning children who had lost both parents and had no other family to raise them. Marilyn McAboy also read the note I posted about children who were victims of horrible tragedy, and needed adopted parents due to no one in their extended families wanted to "be bothered" to raise  them. Obviously, my comments made an impression on her, as well as the comments of many other people who told her her views were much too closed-minded. I believe she is still opposed to all adoption, but realizes that society, both adoptees and those not, don't agree with her harsh stance and stopped reading her rants and raves due to her black OR white thinking.

Below is a screenshot that proves my statement regarding the true nature of The Improper Adoptee's blog, Abolish Adoption.*

That's about it. Just a 2012 update to state that I just cannot believe this woman is still updating her defamatory, libelous and ludicrous rants about me and still lying about Amy. Pathetic and sad. More pathetic than sad.

*screenshot added May 2013 The Improper Adoptee The Improper Adoptee The Improper Adoptee The Improper Adoptee