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The Improper Adoptee Believes She is The Good Witch from The Wizard of OZ. (OMG, seriously.) other words, she is still stalking me, obsessively, and libeling me to the hilt.

I've reposted her old bullying and attacks towards adoptees for anyone who doesn't know Improper Adoptee's cyberbullying past. Her attacks and threats are quite clear, and you can read for yourself that others were not only offended, but thought that police involvement was necessary with this unstable woman.

The Improper Adoptee is "Mike." Orleans Police said Marilyn McAboy admitted to creating this and other harassment blog entries.

The Improper Adoptee hates Christians. She now claims otherwise, but she's put it out there so many times, she can't take it back.

The Improper Adoptee hates jewish people. ALL Jewish people. She claims to like certain Jews, but fact is fact: Marilyn McAboy has let it be known that she blames Jews for many of her own problems.

[The Improper Adoptee] New comment on I'm Leaving Blogger.......

The Improper Adoptee 
1:30 PM (14 hours ago)
to me
The Improper Adoptee has left a new comment on the post "I'm Leaving Blogger......":

Now it's over 12 hours this witch is on my blog. While I still haven't gone on any of the 3 blogs she put up about me to cyberbully me or her Twitter account.

theabusiveadoptees (that still follows me but is in hidden status so it doesn't show on my list)
and of course she cyberbullies me on her strange blog catatonic digressions as well.
Then she goes on google groups and bashes me
yahoo groups and bashes me and then gets my name listed on a blog that calls people cyberbullies which she lied about in her above comment saying she didn't do it.
I am sure there are many other places she tells lies about me and just the fact that she would do all of this is proof she is a very unstable and unglued person.

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Firefox 20.0

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Valley Stream, New York, United States

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12 hours 7 mins 27 secs
Optimum Online

Will she EVER leave? lol 

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Posted by The Improper Adoptee to The Improper Adoptee at Mon Apr 29, 01:30:00 pm 2013

You don't actually have MY IP, but that's okay. You have no need for it. You're computer illiterate.

Oh, about the hours? It's like this, and it's really simple. I open my browser, which is not Firefox when I am using blogs and social media (Though I do run up to 4 browsers at a time. There are reasons for that, but you're pretty stupid and wouldn't understand the technological explanation.) and setting apply. Each time I restart my browser, it restores all previously opened windows or tabs. Tah-DAH! Your mentally deranged rants pop up, and I just don't bother to close that tab. I ignore it. In fact, I rebooted earlier today and then ran diagnostics. I did some hardware analysis. Then I opened the browser I had used when Gmail alerted me that you had posted 11 comments to me. I clicked the link and BAM! your deluded rambles were right back in a tab, unseen by me because I'm just not looking at your BORING blah, blah, blah blog of crap. Plus, your layout is soooo 1998. It's funny that a flakey cyberkook uses "flakes" to fall all over her blog. Who the hell uses anything that falls on their web pages these days? No one. It's outdated and annoys most people. It's amateur. The only thing you are actually "pro" at is stalking and online harassment. Kudos, noodlebrains! But seriously...the mere fact that you actually think I'm "on your blog" for 12 hours is hysterical, especially coming from the woman who went out of her way to find photos of me to download to her home computer and save, to look at, to obsess over and write immature titles on. That's what you do, right? Yes, it is. I saw your Blogger album. You collect images of me. It's CREEPY.

People who collect photos of total strangers and save them to their computer so they can have manic episodes over the person they are obsessing over or to use for libel, harassing blog entries are not just criminals, but have serious mental problems. The Improper Adoptee is collecting my photos and doing just that. 

It's stalking and aggravated harassment.

Dr. Phil might be a jackass, but when it comes to profiling people like The Improper Adoptee, he nails it.

"Kat" McAboy (the name she's chosen for herself is "Kat," because she loathes herself and can't use her legal name. She doesn't like her legal name because it reminds her of who she really is.) She's always been a narcissist, and this little list is McAboy, top to bottom.

So, here's Kat McAboy in a nutshell, by an annoying TV "Dr." but on spot none the less.
McAbutters is 7 of the 8 listed on the "Evil Eight" list. She doesn't quite get all 8 because number 7 is "Short Term relationships." McAbutters has no relationships at all. On the "Nefarious 15" list, we can give Kat's ass a perfect score.

Stereotypical narcissitic cyberbully/stalker. That is The Improper Adoptee. 

Dr Phil's "Evil Eight" (avoid people with these characteristics):

1. Arrogant entitlement-they think they can get away with anything they do.

2. Lack empathy.

3. No remorse/guilt.

4. Irresponsible/self-destructive.

5. Thrive on drama.

6. Brag about outsmarting.

7. Short-term relationships.

8. Fantasy world/delusional.

His "Nefarious 15” tactics that these people use to get to you and me and everybody else they target:
1. Infiltrate your life.
2. Create conspiratorial confidants.
3. Depend on approval.
4. Build a file.
5. Misdirect and obfuscate.
6. Blame others.
7. Lie.
8. Frauds/cheaters.
9. Isolate victims.
10. Abuse authority.
11. Press hot buttons.
12. Revisionist historian.
13. Two-faced/gossip.
14. Paranoid.
15. Passive aggressive.

The Improper Adoptee's private message, prior to her account being deleted. This was typical of her when she had access to Myspace; sending psychotic messages was the norm.

When this crybaby of a woman had the police knock on her door and then sit her down to lay out the warnings about her criminal behavior and where said behavior would lead her if she did not follow their orders, this unmedicated psycho told the police she would do everything they said she had to. She didn't comply. I did, as a favor, honor their forwarded request from McAboy. I did what they said she CRIED FOR. She pleaded with the police to not arrest her, to let her be, and then she begged them to ask me to take down my documentations of her abuse, claiming it made her feel unstable. They told her that in no uncertain terms, she had to remove all blog entries and mentions of me from her blog, including the sidebar and bottom. She had no choice, it was what she was told to do, or face police action. She lied to the police and said she would obey their orders. She only edited the wording, and only for a few days. I, on the other hand, removed my blog completely after speaking with the officer who went to McAboy's home. (Police NEVER came to me, nor did the police ever warn me about anything. I've posted the police contact info on this blog many times in the past,  so if anyone has doubts, just call the police and inquire for yourself. Ask about complaints filed against Marilyn McAboy and you WILL find there to be many.) I did not HAVE to remove anything, but the officer said "this woman is crazy" and my removing my documentation could possibly keep her from resuming any harassment and criminal activity. That's what actually happened, regardless of anything else said by anyone else. She admitted she began the harassment, she bawled her fat ass about it to them and claimed she didn't believe a message in which I did tell her a friend of mine was happy with her adoption, because she did find her birth a drug den. It was the 80's and she found her mother high on crack, and was told to never come near her again. My friend said her adopted family was loving, supportive and always there for her. Her own mother? Never, and when she located her, she was told to go away. The crack pipe was more important for years, and before crack, it was numerous other drugs and alcohol. This is what set off McAboy's rage years ago. One adoptee's happiness enraged another adoptee to the point of lashing out and attacking me, to stalking me and breaking the law by making harassing phone calls and sending threatening emails and messages. To this very day, this woman has not wanted to stop. She needs to obsess and stalk me. And it's not only creepy, it's criminal. I've been told to carry protection, in case this friendless loser comes after me and my family. A friend is having an attorney look into a restraining order and order of protection.

BULLYING photo Bullying.jpg
The Improper Adoptee cyerbullying adoptees years ago on Myspace.
I find that what John says in response to Improper Adoptee's attacks is quite on the spot.
(Stepford Child is The Improper Adoptee)

This deranged person has violated me over 60 times over the years, and she won't get away with it. The police went to her directly before. The police will take it to the next level the next time they have to come to her.

She can't stop me from helping other people or from helping animals. She wants to, but she is powerless. She's a nobody behind a junky computer. She's uneducated and manic. Where is this going to get her in life? She's already 53! Her life is all about hate and rage, volatile outbursts and stalking people whom she wants to claim did something wrong to her. No. Let's all get on the same page. Start from the very beginning of my documenting this insanity, and go back to blogs from 2008. Keep reading from there. You will find not just words, but actual proof of Improper Adoptee behaving very improper. If you really pay attention as you read, you'll notice that when anyone, not just me, has fought back against her cyber-attacks, she uses phrases and words culled from the victim she abused. She does it to me, she's done it to others and she did it to dozens of adoptees on Myspace years ago. The screenshots are all here, in the blog entries from 2008, 2009...all proof that this woman is luring in suckers and doing just as the lists above state. This woman will be stopped, and it looks like it won't be pretty.

To anyone ignorant enough to believe even part of her tall tales, I'll let you know this: I am not on Yahoo groups or Google groups. I don't take part in any forums or groups pertaining to the adoption of humans or adoptees. I have adopted friends, but that has nothing to do with those online places Improper Adoptee aka "Kat" McAboy insits I'm posting on. I wouldn't even know where to find those groups, since I've never participated in any group on either website.

I keep a low profile online, and the only public social media is Twitter, which I use for my activist work. I an a supporter of direct action to liberate animals. I'm a vegan. I 've rescued and adopted out many a cat, and helped arrange transports across the United States. I'm into ayurvedic healing. I'm currently learning holistic and ayurvedic methods to help people feel better and/or to heal themselves without Big Pharma. I'm an official Sea Shepherd. I'm an advanced open water diver, certified by PADI. I am friends with a high profile activist and support her and her sister's activism to save kitties, horses and many other animals. She is a raw vegan and I'm a 2/3rd's raw vegan. I'm vegan first for the animals and secondly for my health. It's a total win-win. In what little spare time I have, I help others who want to change, because I am driven to help people. I volunteer time to help coach people to reach their goals. I teach about vegan lifestyles and how to transition easily. I listen when people need to open up about personal issues, needing help or just a few moments of support, and I never let anything pass me once they have confided.  I don't have time for this nutcase or her libel because I have so much going on, and none of it is negative. She is all about negativity and I had thought I was rid of her last year, until I found out she had "updated" her OLD blog entry and went from "short story" to "novel" on it. It's a novel, it's in the fiction section due to the lies about me, but it's a non-fiction when it comes down to her exposing herself accidentally, quite sloppily, making mistakes much like a serial killer does when he/she knows they are about to get caught, that it's almost over...sloppy mistakes, and keyworded with "mental illness, cyberbully, stalker, 53 year old female stalker, aggressive behavior, deviant sexual interests, bigot, racist, self-loathing, volatile" and the list goes on and on.

If you want negative drama in your life, if you crave lies and hate, if you enjoy being part of harming strangers, watching a single friendless woman abuse people she is jealous of (I being one of a handful) and helping to get others to do the dirty work of the leader (Kat McAboy), you follow McButters McAboy, the same way psychopaths would follow a serial killer as if he was an honorable and noble person, and you'd spread the serial killer's rambling nonsense just like any person with screws loose who becomes a groupie to a serial killer. You'd become a groupie to a narcissistic sociopath/psychopath, a person suffering from paranoid schizophrenia and admittedly to bipolar mania. Unmedicated. You'd be the groupie of a shut-in—one who is afraid to ever come out of hiding, unless it is to harass locals in town. It's your choice. The facts are all here, since the month I found out this woman was stalking me back in 2008 I have kept records of all of her abuse towards me and towards other people. Since 2008, I've made sure all my documentation is truthful and correct, and no screenshots have ever been manipulated.
I kept in touch with the police who warned MARILYN MCABOY TO STOP. She can change phone numbers, she can move to another area or another state. The police just click a few things on their screen and send off all their files on "Kat" to the precinct closest to her. And yes, it's easy to locate this woman. She's sloppy and leaves trails. Look what she's done by just blurting out that she frequents Yahoo! Groups and Google Groups. Who is to say she doesn't have two, three or more user profiles on those sites and within their groups.
Who really knows this woman? Anyone? No one really does; they know a raving lunatic, screaming on a blog. They know nothing more.

If you're still not sure, again, you can read this blog from start to end. No time? Too much to listen to reality when you have a nutter telling you she's got all the facts? Your Liar never posted comments from me because they would make her look like A BULLY!

THIS was Vickie, the woman The Improper ASSHOLE claims is not a real person, but lies and tells people she is ME.
THIS IS JUST PURE INSANITY, an explosion of bullshit on the internet:

[The Improper Adoptee] New comment on I'm Leaving Blogger.......

The Improper Adoptee
8:50 AM (8 hours ago)

to me
The Improper Adoptee has left a new comment on the post "I'm Leaving Blogger......":

Well lookie there-
that pic is gone now along with everything I wrote.
Spookie got into my blog again, HACKED ME and deleted it.
Well if anyone wants to see who she is to protect yourself from her then do what I did to begin with(and I did this after I saw she was on my blog again through my stat counter months ago, she is also still on my blog and has been for over a day which I also know by my stat counter).
just google spookiecats twitter and click images.
That pic is right there and that is how I got it.
You can see lots of pictures of her because she loves to put them out there.

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Posted by The Improper Adoptee to The Improper Adoptee at Tue Apr 30, 08:50:00 am 2013
The Improper Adoptee
8:57 AM (8 hours ago)

to me
The Improper Adoptee has left a new comment on the post "I'm Leaving Blogger......":

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Posted by The Improper Adoptee to The Improper Adoptee at Tue Apr 30, 08:57:00 am 2013
The Improper Adoptee
9:46 AM (7 hours ago)

to me
The Improper Adoptee has left a new comment on the post "I'm Leaving Blogger......":
More proof she got into my blog:
Account Activity

Last sign-in

Today, 5:40 AM

Last sign-in countries

United States


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Posted by The Improper Adoptee to The Improper Adoptee at Tue Apr 30, 09:46:00 am 2013 

If the LUNATIC STALKER reads this, this is to her: Lady, the police NEVER told me to stay off your blog. Don't pretend you have forgotten how you spoke to the police. I called the police and they went to your home. They warned YOU. Don't lie to people to make yourself look good. Nothing can make your actions appear proper. You post lie after lie, and ludicrous lies none the less! Claiming I hacked you is just PATHETIC of you. The photo never came down. Why all the DRAMA? Is this really all you do with your life? MOVE ON ALREADY. Comply with the police and just STOP STALKING AND HARASSING ME. Get a REAL LIFE and MOVE ON.