Thursday, May 2, 2013

Infringements on Law, Infringements on a Person's Right to Feel SAFE.

"The picture is down, you can leave it at that or I will fight back..." No, it is not down. Why lie when it's right there? You still have a photo of me on your blog. I have no photos of you on my blog. You are able to understand what a photo of a person is, and what a screenshot of words or a web page is, do you? They are very different, and the copyright law covers the photo. There is no Fair Use for it. There is a Copyright Notice on my blog that applies to all photos I took with my camera. That photo is on my blog and that photo is copyrighted. My telling you again is the same as you receiving a notice ahead of time. Go read the Google Copyright Infringement terms. There are very heavy fines for those who violate them, and there are no ways around the fines. As for other images used on my blogs: you fail to recall (rather choose to pretend you don't recall) I went to college. I studied advertising, and I worked in one of the largest ad agencies in the world. I know copyright law. All the images I've used are in the public domain, or I've given credit on the entry as to where the content came from. You, though, don't follow those rules. The Wizard of Oz is copyrighted.

You have to ask for permission to use all the imagery of the "Judy Garland" version of The Wizard of Oz. This is common knowledge. Only the original book is in the public domain.

"Is The Wizard of Oz in the public domain?

The children’s book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, written by L. Frank Baum in 1900 is in the public domain. This follows the general rule that any work published before 1923 is in the public domain.

The film, The Wizard of Oz, starring Judy Garland and directed in 1939 by Victor Fleming is NOT in the public domain. Instead, the copyright to The Wizard of Oz, is owned by its producer, the classic film studio MGM.

The law considers the film a “derivative work” of the original book. It creates an interesting legal situation when a film is still protected by copyright but the story that it is based on is not. Below I’ll describe what is and is not still protected by copyright law.

Recordings of the film itself, all of the recorded dialogue, and all still photos of the film, are still protected by copyright. All of the dialogue in the film version of the movie that does not appear word-for-word in the book is still protected by copyright."

So you see, anyone can report your violation, and they can sue you. You use still photos from the film. Those are copyrighted.

You still do not understand the law. You are still posting libel and defamatory content—your comments are untruths and you are well aware of that. You are unable to provide the "proof" you claim to have about anything, such as this NEW fabrication: "I STILL have you saying you were "sent' to attack me by adoptive parents" That is something you never mentioned before. It's ludicrous. Merely stating you supposedly have it on a backup CD is not proof. You've made that statement about all of your libel. You have never provided any proof to your libelous claims. I wish you would get help for your severe emotional and mental problems. I've had to document all your actions online because you're potentially a danger, not to bother you. What you have done to me is harassment, and you stalk me. You leave me no choice but to keep record of your hostile actions directed towards me, because you are unstable and being that you're a stranger, I don't know what you're capable of. You could very well be far more a threat than I know. Keeping documentation is to protect myself and my family. You've harassed me for so many years now that it is not an isolated case. This is an obsession for you, and to me, a serious problem.

Don't tell me what is a lie and what isn't. You're a very disturbed and abusive woman, who has stalked and harassed me for so many years it's frightening. You're now in a manic state and possibly dangerous. Do not think for a moment people believe you and your rants. They don't, it's already been verified by a few sources, even ones you mention. You need help, and I suggest you end this now and stop stalking me and harassing me. I also suggest you remove all content about me. If you do so, I will do you a favor and put the documentation of your harassment out of view from the public. I'd taken it down before, years ago, to try to get you to stop harassing me, but you didn't comply with the police. If you comply now, I'll do you the favor, again. You have only one chance. I'm not reacting to you like you wish I would. You're getting psychotic, and I'm just documenting all of your behavior for the authorities. You are making your own bed, and you'll lie in it. You choose your fate, not me.


Dear Insane Woman,

You've harmed enough people. Your psychosis has progressed significantly during the time I thought you had finally stopped stalking me. You even admit to having nothing better to do than go look for photos of me after Superstorm Sandy? Really, whackjob? Trust me, no one on the east coast up north was focusing on anything else, except you. You admit to hunting for photos during the time that many of us were without power or just had gotten power back. Many of us were still in shock, trying to sort out what had just happened mere weeks prior that changed all our lives, that created a new "normal" none of us up north liked at all. Crazy lady, we were hit hardest by that storm. Do you think I even thought once about you? Sorry, but NO. I'd not thought about you at all, and wouldn't have if I'd not gotten notifications from Gmail last week. You are a sick, demented individual. Apparently it's time the authorities visit you again. Prepare yourself, because I have no more patience for your obsession with me or your sick, insane stalking. I don't care if you're a mentally ill person, that doesn't give you a "get out of trouble free" card. You're a danger to yourself and society and you need help regardless of what you think or claim. Your escalating abuse has to stop, and it will. Your vile behavior is unacceptable. You are not excused from heinous behavior just because you're adopted, or were abused growing up—whatever your "excuse du jour" might be. There's no excuse for your sick, deviant behavior. You're finished. You're done with, Improper Adoptee from Hell. Your stalking and harassment and whatever pleasure you get from it, the power and enjoyment you seem to derive from posting lies and insane crap about people you don't even's all ending soon, so get off on it while you can. Get out that "crazy lady thing" of yours and pop in all the AA batteries it needs because this is your last joy ride of this type, nutbar. Your sick game is OVER. After this, you'll only have yourself to fuck with. Stock up on batteries, "Kat." The truth is all over the place except for on your blog and P.S. cupcake, EVERYONE knows that. You enjoy what you do to me, including your nauseating threats, and you've proven that by ignoring each and every request by me—to you—to stop harassing me and to comply with the police orders. It goes back years now and it's all well-documented right here on this blog. I've asked you dozens of times to stop, and you ignored me. To you this is a game. To me, this is abuse: I've told you I want you to stop, I've asked you to stop and the police told you to stop, yet years later you're still emotionally masturbating as you gleefully stalk, harass and abuse. I said STOP.

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