Monday, May 27, 2013

Possible TROJAN on The Improper Adoptee blog: CAUTION! Might be Infected!

I just received a private message via Twitter informing me that many users were having problems when going to The Improper Adoptee's blog to read her insanity (before the weekend). Some people took concern, because her site slowed their usually quite fast CPU's down to a snail's pace. One of the users who had computer issues after loading "" contacted some computer savvy people they knew and asked for a favor. Today the reply was that the blog has a trojan and is why opening The Improper Adoptee's blog in any browser can bring your entire system to a screeching halt. If you're going to go read this stalker's blog, do it with caution. Allegedly, there is malware in the code in her blog. If you don't have virus protection, avoid her blog.

If I get any further info about the blog's content, the content under the hood, I'll post it here.

Watch for this IP and any IP's near this location or the coastal area (Orleans, MA and slightly inland, even Brewster, MA)

Update: is currently OFFLINE! June 2, 2013