Thursday, May 23, 2013

Posted to The Improper Adoptee. Marilyn McAboy is Afraid to Post it Public--She Rather Lie.

I have legitimate, factual, authentic, infallible proof that you, Marilyn McAboy are the sexually perverse deviant psychopath who blogged about bestiality, exploited a toddler on an XXX rated blog and posted hate crimes: anti-semitic comments and bigotry against homosexuals. Next time you're in Harwich, MA or Brewster, MA, (I'll post the IP's you use if you want me to, okeedokee?) or just sitting around moping in Orleans, MA and log on as you always do and check...I'm posting it to my documentary blog. You're a disturbed, dangerous stalker and everyone will know the truth and no one will ever think you tell a honest word again. You chose to resume aggressively stalking me while I was recovering from SANDY, without power. You chose this path, and you're going to pay with your life as it is now, because this life you have is about to change. Your behavior is illegal, and you will be punished by law. You are an abusive stalker and since you refuse to stop, they have to make you. I've asked you nicely, politely, calmly and in in so many ways that were non-threatening. You chose to IGNORE ALL REQUESTS TO STOP HARASSING ME. You chose to IGNORE MY REQUEST TO LEAVE ME ALONE and STOP STALKING ME.

Stalker! You search for images of me all the time, you freak. "Sagging?" Ha ha ha! Wow, you are seriously jealous of me. That's sickening. You are aware that you're only a few years older than I am, and you're so jealous of my awesomely great skin? GET OVER IT. "PIRATE HAT" You total idiot. You really have no idea what SEA SHEPHERD is? What so-called animal lover has no clue about Sea Shepherd? You are just like the bullies Captain Paul Watson has written about, the cyberstalkers and cyberbullies that try so hard to bring others' down. Oh, right, you don't know who he is. So, when did you become God and decide I'm "proud" of being something YOU MADE UP? That's right, you tell everyone you're psychic! You're not even able to channel yourself. Psychic, HA! If you were psychic, you'd know who your birth parents were. If you were psychic, you'd not be such a paranoid delusional. you'd stop thinking everyone hacks you every other month. Look psycho, I'm sorry (not really) that you've obviously aged horribly, but don't take it out on me. Secondly, there is no age limit or rule for how people should dress, do their hair or appear to anyone. Look at Betsey Johnson. She's an amazing woman. Do you make fun of her, too? I guess you do. You could only wish to be 1% as happy, successful and original as she is. You're a nobody. You are nothing but a creepy loser sitting there feeling like a rotten old hag as you make fun of everyone you can possibly find online, because it makes you feel better about your pathetic, lonely and loser existence. You get some sexual release out of making fun of others, and you feel this rush of power every time you stalk, bully or poke fun of another person, regardless of age, gender, race, color or birth. You're a sick bitch and you know it. You like it.

You were aggressively harassing and stalking me while I was going through very serious personal family issues concerning my father, and you exploited that, used it to abuse me and to grossly harm me, knowing I was not even spending much time online at all except to check in. You've done it again with Superstorm Sandy. You knew it hit my area hardest; it was all over the news for weeks non-stop. You began stalking me and gathering photos of me while here in my area, we had no power. You were posting your hideous lies while you knew I was without power, heat, even food. You are a sick, immoral sociopath, a person so full of self-loathing that you take out your frustrations on complete strangers you have convinced yourself have done you wrong, when in fact, you've victimized them...ME being your main victim. You're a menace, vindictive, hateful, repugnant PATHETIC excuse for a human. You would not know compassion or kindness if it slapped you in the face.

You abused the law. Police warned you twice. I did you a huge favor when I took my blog offline to keep you from having a psychotic break after they visited you twice. When you refused to comply with their orders and I found out you resumed and refused to stop harassing, libeling, defaming and stalking me, YES, I put my documentary-style blog chock full of facts back online. You are why it's up. You need intense psychiatric help. You're a very sick person with a depraved imagination. We all can see that. But it's not a free pass to abuse people, Marilyn or Kat McAboy. If you're still on Nickerson in Orleans, you should prepare for local police to once again knock knock... If you're not, I'm sure they have your new address. Leave me alone, you overly obsessed, jealous, half-dead old whore. I'm not afraid to use my online nickname, or hide, unlike you, lunatic.

p.s. I'm not sorry you're so hideous that you creepily downloaded over 3 dozen photos of me to stare at jealously and then pretend via your blog to think you don't like them. It's so obvious to all who read your drivel that you are attracted to me...and it makes me almost vomit. You're obsessed and it's sickening. I've asked you to leave me alone for years. You like me too much to comply. Now you won't have a choice, because I'm not the only person who has caught you in illegal online activity right here on your own blog. This time, maybe, you'll get the mental help you so badly need.

(The above was posted as a comment on the 22nd. It is the post that set this psychotic woman off; it angered her so intensely that she commented back minute after minute for over an hour. She edited her comments so the public wouldn't see her outburst, but I have it all in my Gmail account.)

This is one of over a hundred screenshots—unedited—pertaining to you and your sick cyber illness.
You've not once shown anything to prove your libel, your defamatory claims directed towards me. You're a coward, a liar and a psychopath stalker. You were asked to just stop, to leave people alone, but you feed on your misery and loathsome life, and part of that horrible existence you live is to bully others, especially those you never met and have no idea about, expect for the bullshit your create in your mentally ill mind. Stop telling me about how you feel like killing yourself because of me; it's a little childish game you're playing and I'm sick of getting notifications about your suicidal feelings. If you feel like killing yourself, go to the hospital. Don't post on the internet, you lying attention whore moron.

So, you've not gone on my blog or read my comments asking you to leave me alone? Then why do you download dozens of pictures of me and even go as far as to give a link to photos I have on my personal blog and the two on my Twitter account? Are you really that obsessed with me? That is called stalking, "lady."

Add to that, you have cried wolf about committing suicide for a very long time. It's been over two years now, and you claim it's all about me. Well, a FORMER friend of yours says to contact the police, because she knows you very well, used to be your friend and says you are extremely unstable and quite possible of doing something harmful to yourself and to others. So, I took her advice.

People like you, who post sex with animals on the same pages as exploiting a child, who did such sick deviant things such as this...

…belong is a long-term mental institution and on medication for their illness regardless of their conspiracy theories about the harm the medication will do to them. That's part of your illness, Marilyn—you think all medication to HELP you is really going to hurt you, so you don't take any. Look what being unmedicated makes you; you're a monster. Let someone help you. What are you afraid of? Being a moral, respectable, kind human being? Does compassion actually frighten you?

Really? On forums? Why don't you post a list of all these forums? I'd also get a kick out of seeing even a partial list of the 50 OTHER places you claim I'm posting on. My goodness, you do come up with some hilarious shit, but you change you stories too much! Last time, it was 100 different places. Did you forget? Also, in the piece of bullshit I took off your libel above, you claim I'm in cahoots with your two alleged  losers in your town. How is that possible? Can you do the world a favor and prove that, too? That's a pretty far-fetched lie, Marilyn. Look, I know you rather the two people who might actually look at your ridiculously stupid blog not know that the police think you're a nutjob, but it's true. Let's face facts here. The police told ME you were mentally ill. Before that, I was just making my own assessment. I basically profiled your sick behavior and came up with a conclusion that you were a mentally ill person. When I spoke to the Orleans Police Department, I heard the officers all start laughing when one of them asked if the call was about you. Sorry, but that's the truth and I have no reason to lie about it. One of the officers asked if the call was about "the town crazy," and when the officer on the line with me said "yes," you name was said out loud and the whole room began to laugh heartily. Fact, lady. (Calling you a lady is sarcasm) Your screeds are simply your pitiful attempts to try to weasel your way out of the facts, because everyone knows you as the bigot, racist you are, and you can't tolerate that. It's just sadly the truth. You've made a reputation for yourself and there is no getting out of it with insane defamatory rants. 
Remember: SELF CONTROL. I know that is something you have a problem with, but you best heed my warning, Ms. McAboy. Use self control. I saw you read my blog, the blog that basically covers mostly animal rights issues, and I saw how long you spent on the blog entry that contains copyrighted images of me and me and a friend of mine. Since I did not take the photos and the person who did owns the copyright—and has made it very clear that he wants them marked as copyrighted material and not to be used anywhere else without his permission—you cannot steal them and use them. He is not on social networks and does not have a blog, but he does have a place for his photography and if you are to infringe his copyrighted material, he will file against you. I am allowed to post freely and not have to be fearful of some sicko stalker (YOU, Improper Adoptee) downloading photos of me and ogling them, obsessing over me and then posting them to your nefarious blogspot full of degenerate content.