Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The "Terroist." Cyberpath Marilyn McAboy

The Improper Adoptee, also known as The Online Terrorist.
Or should I say The "Terroist."
Let's see the facts about this woman and her perverted, sick online behavior. See the real person behind that Blogger name. See her for the sexual deviant and bigot she really is.

A quote The Improper Adoptee used on her blog for years, copied and pasted exactly as The Improper Adoptee had it appear on her "abolishadoption" blog:

"Adoption is a form of domestic terroism" - Reverend Ruth
Note The Improper Adoptee's spelling error. The word "terrorism" is misspelled. She leaves out the third letter "r." She duplicates this error on her alternate Blogger identity, one she claims is not her, but police confirmed long ago is indeed her:

“abolishadoption” Blog is the SAME BLOGGER as “spookieismentallyill” Blog — It's The Improper Adoptee

This is the “blogger” of the depraved blog called “spookie is Schizophrenic.” This blogger's content contains bestiality, child exploitation, mockery of cancer victims, libel, defamatory hatred and other disgusting writings.
This is not two guys as the blog claims, but Marilyn McAboy.

She duplicated the same spelling error numerous times on the sexually deviant, perverse and bigoted blog she posted in which she seems to enjoy discussing bestiality amongst other disturbing, disgusting subjects. Yes, this is The Improper Adoptee. No other person just happened to make the same spelling error so many times.

Isn't there another “t” in that word?

Hmmm. This image is taken from “The Improper Adoptee's” blog, She denied this in her perverted anti-semitic blog by claiming the misspelling on the bestiality and child exploitation blog was "on purpose." She said (while pretending she was some random guy online) that it wasn't a typo but done for a reason. It was a pathetic attempt to try to get her only friends—her online friends—to believe that she wasn't this sick of a person, to go so far as to publicly exploit someones toddler, to make comments hinting that the child was given coke or other drugs. What kind of seriously ill person would do such a thing? The Improper Adoptee would, and she'd not care what the repercussions were. On the very same blog, she posted about my father and said she didn't care that she was abusing me while I was spending all my time in the ICU with him. She took that time to continue to post horrifying defamatory posts about him, my family, my son and my son's father. She referred to everyone as being on drugs, shooting up, abusing drugs and claimed we were all mentally ill. This was what a severely mentally ill woman was doing with her time, while I was working, taking care of my son AND going back and forth to the hospital. Marilyn McAboy is a ruthless, creepy cyberstalker, and by this point in time, I'd have to say she is probably dangerous. She's progressed, and with her constant hints of committing suicide, I've made it clear that the authorities watch her close, and try to get her forced into a psychiatric facility.

The Improper Adoptee is nothing but a coward.

When I stopped updating my blog, because I was sick and tired of this imbecile's psychotic game, she posted on her own blog, amongst all that capitalized ranting,


The above is from The Improper Adoptee's blog as well. One of her LABELS is the word “Cyberterroist.”
See below, it's the LABELS from her anti-adoption blog.

I've clicked the word to make it stand out.

What are the chances of “two jackass guys” who type in teenage txt msg shorthand making the same spelling error repeatedly on "their blog" as Marilyn McAboy's common spelling error on her blog and a common spelling mistake she makes on comments she leaves on others' blogs? SLIM TO NONE.

“Both bloggers” can't use the right form of the words “to” and “too” either. Another coincidence? HARDLY. I'll show a few instances in which both “The Improper Adoptee” and those “two dirtbag guys” who go by the name “spookie is a demented cyberterroist bitch“ (oops, there's that misspelling!) misuse TO and TOO.

The Improper Adoptee can't spell “terrorist,” and she can't tell when to use “to” or “too”

(Taken from The Improper Adoptee's blog @

Here are some examples of THE IMPROPER ADOPTEE (Marilyn McAboy) using “to” and “too” incorrectly. Compare them to the “dudes” who typed up the bestiality/anti-semitic/child exploitation blog.

“to” or “too,” Marilyn McAboy/Improper Adoptee—you should try to make an attempt to use the words properly, but then again, you didn't give any effort in your other blog either, and you used the same exact usage. I don't only mean the wrong use of the words, but the blatant fact that you used them exactly the same in both your blogs grammatically, and you never once used commas in either blog. Face it, you were busted by me, and then busted by the police. 

The above images contain old mistakes caught, when she had her old design template, and recent errors just captured on her newer design. The mistakes on black are still viewable on her blog—at least until she begs some stranger to come here to see what updates there are. That's Improper Adoptee, making mistakes when in a manic state of mind.

Now these are from Marilyn under her fake personas, the two dirtbag guys, @
(The blog was deleted after the police left Marilyn McAboy's home, but I have PDF's of each page in full.) The grammar and spelling are consistent (the word “to” or “too” is always at the end of the sentence. It's the same person. I've yet to find another blogger who has this style of writing. This is also Marilyn McAboy.

Did anyone else notice that The Improper Adoptee has chosen to name-call over the years, specifically about the way people look, their appearance? Not quite the coincidence that “some random guys” make the very same immature comments pertaining to looks; childish bullying in the form of put-downs and name-calling—“fucking ugliest kid...”

Cease and Desist,
Marilyn McAboy!

I've documented every move you've made. I have proof. You? Nothing. You're an anti-Semitic bigoted cyberpath abusive bully. You're going to go down and get listed on every blog that is about cyber-abuse and cyber-sickos across the United States and beyond.

Why are you so jealous? Why can't you leave me alone? Why do you make fun of my father's battle with terminal cancer?!?What the hell is wrong with you? Why do you steal images that are copyrighted and post them on a X-rated blog, pictures of my toddler, and make fun of him? Are you that mentally ill and that envious of me and my family to go that far? Besides HATE, there must be more reasons for her abuse and seriously sick obsession. You must be a very lonely and bitter woman. That's NOT MY PROBLEM. 

Photobucket accounts filled with images Marilyn McAboy downloads from anyplace she can find photos of me or my family. Copyright Notices are all over my blogs and clearly marked on my Flickr account, my old Myspace profile and anywhere images of personal nature reside. She is NOT allowed use of them. She is violating Copyright Law.

I have almost anything I have on social networks hidden, so this psychopath can't find photos of my son. (BTW, to this very day, the schizophrenic lunatic claims I called my son a bastard. If she could read correctly, I had posted years ago that "...she calls a bastard." in reference to Marilyn McAboy posting all over Myspace that my son wasn't mine, that I adopted him and that the reason I was supposedly evil to her (evil...seriously. Helping a crazy person is now considered "evil?" Doubt it)
was because I was pro-adoption and involved in adoption agencies. Before this woman came into my groups, the groups I was moderator of, I really knew nothing about the adoption industry at all...and her posting in animal rights groups about adoption was Inappropriate. She uses old photos when she has the nerve to use them on her blog, and then deletes them, claiming she'd been hacked. She's a HACK. She's a vile deviant, lurking people and keeping photos of their toddlers and children burned to backup discs for her pleasure. That is SICK. People go away to prison for doing that sick sort of thing—why not Marilyn McAboy? What makes her perverse actions of downloading images of my underage boy any different than a pedophile doing the same?

The fact that she collects images of me and has them in numerous Photobucket accounts is beyond creepy and proof that this criminally insane nutbar is a stalker:
(and there are more) 

I asked you dozens upon dozens of times to stop harassing me. You don't want to. That's what this is really about. You like doing this, stalking people, and you don't want to stop.

I posted the following in 2011. You ignored it, just like you ignored it when I posted STOP and CEASE AND DESIST in 2009, and in 2010. Even now, in 2013. You are so mentally damaged yet at the same time, fully aware of your inappropriate behavior, so you continue it, because you FEED OFF ABUSING OTHERS. You claim you were abused growing up, and now you are the abuser, victimizing anyone you come across. You're a sick individual. GET HELP.

You are a COWARD. Why not put a plagiarized image up from The Wizard of Oz? You are too afraid to show anyone what you really look like, so why not use a stolen image of the cowardly lion? Ooooh...wait, not a good idea. The cowardly lion wasn't a mean, cruel, stalker sicko. Nevermind.


Dear Kat McAboy

Don't think for a moment I've forgotten. As long as your vile spew, libel and HATE remains on your shit blog, I will remind THE WORLD what a fake, narcissistic bully you are. You're no victim, you're an abuser!

Remember this piece of your "work," Ms. McAboy? Well, I do.
You'll go to HELL for this crap. I promise.

(below is the writings of Marilyn McAboy)

Below is the disgusting scrolling text that The Improper Adoptee created to use on her blog the Orleans Police confronted her about, and she admitted to creating.  

…she retaliated quite fast.

She visited both this blog and my personal blog, then went to her perverted and sick blog and posted a new entry, with copyrighted images she stole off my other site. She ignores the copyright notices. She has no regard for anything legal, for laws and for others' ownership of property. She gets off on this because she won't and can't post photos of herself — never has. She's really a coward in a wolf's costume.

Above blog entry written by "Kat McAboy" aka The Improper Adoptee, aka Marilyn.
Notice how her fake persona pretends to have gotten info from "this guy you u know..." and on Improper Adoptee's own blog, in her very own words, she claims she's spoken to my family and to friends of mine, telling the same deranged, sick stories of "getting info" from "good friends of yours" and other pathetic fabrications in a sick attempt to not only victimize me, but to try to damage my volunteer work with animal advocacy organizations by ruthlessly publicly libeling me.
Did you notice she called me a FAGGOT? This is the very same person who claims she is not a bigot, not homophobic and not anti-semitic or even racist, yet it's right there, clear as day, in her very own words. Quoting The Improper Adoptee:
"btw before i forget faggot: terrorist has 3 r's not 2 when peeps spell it the standard way. u really need to get a life spookie."

She posted that after I'd caught her and put it out there for the public to see, so they would know that this woman, Marilyn McAboy (who admits she is not a nice person and has no reason to be nice) is really made of. Hate. Hate for not only non-adopted people, but Jews, gays, blacks and anyone who doesn't conform to her views. Note her sick pleasure in repeating the disgusting comments she makes about bestiality. She mentions "sex with cats" over two dozen times within all of the posts she did on this blog.

You can't feel sorry for a woman like this; she knows what she is doing. This is a person with mental illnesses, BUT, she is methodically harassing me, my family — my father with stage 4 cancer AND my two (YES, 2) year old son — even after being sent the numerous CEASE AND DESIST notices, the copyright infringement notice and asked to stop in a cordial manner weeks ago. It's posted here on my blog; I left her a comment asking her to end this sick game. I don't think she wants to stop. She could, if she really and seriously wanted to. We have to assume she is really enjoying victimizing me and now my family, aside from the people I have worked for or with and even calling the advertising agency I do freelance with.

This is her game, and she plans her moves ahead of time. I can only ask so many times before I contact federal authorities. And I AM GOING TO.

These are other blogs The Improper Adoptee did. "SPOOKIE IS SCHIZOPHRENIC" is her third attempt at an anonymous harassment blog.

Take note of her new profile. Read closely.
Read "THE IMPROPER ADOPTEE" after. You'll see why…keep your eyes open.
Pay close attention to the way The Improper Adoptee writes in the faked profile above, and then go to her nuttier than a squirrel's winter stash blog:  Look at the way she writes on her OLD entry she's updated over 30 times now:
It's clear that both the above person and The Improper Adoptee are one and the same.

This is Kat McAboy,  the name Marilyn McAboy chooses to be known by, this is The Improper Adoptee:

She claims someone hacked her, but that is her same old and tired excuse she uses when caught red-handed. The first post shown is clearly written by Marilyn McAboy, The Improper adoptee. Just analyzing the grammar and word usage makes her a dead give-away. "Two year old thinking" and "group of people in the US too" —notice the lack of a comma after "too!" Another obvious direct pointer to the cyberpath stalker Marilyn McAboy is the overuse of "............." Look at all her blog entries. After she finds out about this paragraph here, she'll have to go edit her entire blog, and she will, because she is that sick of a woman.

Illustration Credit: Alix Northrup, Ullman Design

To The Improper Adoptee: CEASE AND DESIST.

Click the link below in purple for information on
Signs The Improper Adoptee is a Serial Bully

To Marilyn-The Improper Adoptee: 
Cease and Desist the Libel and Cruelty you display towards me. I've asked you for so many months (YEARS).
I asked you to end this sick game of yours, and I asked you privately. You didn't post my "please…" because it was too honest and it came from a place you don't have within you.
I've been asking you for a very long time. You ignore all of my requests and then claim you're being bullied. Asking you to STOP ABUSING is not a form of bullying. You, Marilyn, are the abuser. I'm your victim. Even Amy is your victim. You enjoy this, and that is just sick.

STOP ABUSING ME VIA THE INTERNET, STOP BULLYING ME AND STOP STEALING MY PHOTOS I POST THAT ARE SPECIFICALLY LABELED AS NOT FOR USE BY ANYONE ELSE, ESPECIALLY YOU. STOP YOUR CYBERPSYCHO BEHAVIOR TOWARDS ME. isn't really about adoptees and adoption, but a blog specifically put up to bully, abuse, harass and victimize. is a hate blog. is this sick woman's playground for abuse.