Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Improper Adoptee: The Psychotic Break.

The Improper Adoptee is having a major psychotic break over the old news regarding the malware on the former version of her blog. (See screenshot below)

Creepy. Why is this woman looking at me 24/7/365? The Improper Adoptee stares at images of me ALL THE TIME, and that is SICK. This woman is obsessed with me and this blog entry alone is proof enough that she is actively STALKING THE HELL out of me, along with trying her best (and failing horribly) to create problems for me in the animal rights community.

Being that she is completely computer illiterate, she doesn't even take into consideration that she's stripped her blog of the code that was causing the alerts on the users' computers who checked it. I was not even aware. I don't use a PC and wasn't even concerned about such a thing when loading this psychotic's blog page(s) because I know she isn't capable of inserting malicious code herself. When I was sent the DM (Direct Message) on Twitter regarding a trojan or other form of malware on I asked the user to do me a favor and have it looked into further. She said she most definitely would. Numerous messages were exchanged and it was determined by computer savvy users that there was indeed something malicious on The Improper Adoptee's blog. I was told to not load the blog at all, but I let my friend know that I was not affected by whatever this nefarious code was. Since she was concerned about it—and towards whom it was meant to harm—she said we should alert others. And we did.

Because this woman does NOT read anything in full—she "skims," as she admitted years ago many times when making a complete ass of herself in forums (groups), posting utter nonsense or insulting users because she had not read fully the topic and all the posts, I'm going to post the Twitter DM's from the other user. Doing so will show this social network idiot that I did not even know there was a trojan on her lunatic blog. I knew there was something wrong, but I thought it was her asinine snowflakes and that hideous animation she had as the main graphic on top. I figured that all that crap was slowing things down, all the movement and the non-stop action having to happen all at the same time, it had to take a toll on some computers. And it did. Who knew she had malware to go with it? Not me, not until someone had tech savvy people look into her blog site and find it.

That blog entry wasn't the first. Her psychotic break began when she read about her copyright infringements on her old layout (the original version of "The Wizard of Oz") and the javascript, etc. embedded within her mess of a blog page, overloaded with poorly written code she copied and put into her "layout," which then created the problems some users experienced—and when I let the animal rights community know about this sociopath stalking me and gave her URL out on Twitter, one activist went to people who use PC's and had them use software to pick apart her blog site and they did indeed find malware. The Improper Adoptee can cry, lie and have a tantrum all she likes—as usual—but acts are facts. Actually, facts are something she isn't familiar with at all.

This psychopath constantly writes about me, claiming I'm screaming, yelling and doing things—all in person. Is this lunatic stalking me in person as well as online? How much danger am I actually in? I honestly would like that answered, and I'm going to make sure that question is answered as soon as possible.

I've kept this documentary blog up ONLY because of this sick, hate-filled woman cyber-harassing me for so many years. I'd taken it down years ago, after the police went to her home and told her to stop cyberbullying and cyberstalking me. We all thought that since she is mentally ill, yet fully aware of what she is doing and knows right from wrong, that my taking down what bothered her—the truth being shown to everyone—would help make her stop victimizing me. It did not. She waited, and it was probably sheer hell for her, and she waited...and then she began again. Once she started again, she began the vile prose and disgusting hate all over again. She ignored every word the police offers said to her, every warning they laid out to her. In her demented mind, she decided that everything they said to her, she would digest and spit out and type onto her blog claiming they told her they told me to stay off her blog. Why would they go to her home, twice, and tell me from there to stay off her blog? Anyone can go on any website. There are no laws saying you can't go on a blog hosted by Google. She should know better, but she probably "skimmed" that part while reading the Terms. The police never came here, nor did they warn me of anything. Nothing was discussed about my being a cyberbully or cyberstalker. They said this woman was known for abusing people, in real life, not just online. I was not the first victim and would not be the last. I'm sure there are so many others the numbers must be mind-boggling. On her blog alone, you can count dozens, including her main targets, me and Amy.

She has lost all respect and credibility in the last place she had left in her very small world. The Adopteeland Online. People have seen what she has been doing, and not only to me and Amy. It's all over the internet. She attacks like a rabid beast, and I don't mean an animal on this earth. She's vicious, and now that those of us who have been victims long enough have had it with her abuse, I hope this woman realizes her time has run out. She should make a decision quickly, because soon, there won;t be time to do anything but cry.

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