Monday, July 1, 2013

The Improper Adoptee.........Closed Adoption Is Child NOT about ADOPTION but a Blog for CYBERBULLYING Guised as an Adoption Blog.

The Improper Adoptee.........Closed Adoption Is Child NOT about Adoption.
It's a blog created solely to cyberbully and harass. The evidence is clear.

This sick cyberbully has made numerous changes to her entire blog overall in the last week; not only the blog entries, but the wording on the right hand sidebar. She has changed the language used in many paragraphs to make her bullying more harmful and abusive, and to make the libel more damaging. She is beyond abrasive. She is maliciously cruel and her cruelty is all premeditated and well-planned out before she logs on and posts it. As sick as she might be, she is well aware of what she has been doing for years. She's been told for years to stop; by friends, by family, by everyone. She lashes out and ignores all who ask her to just let it go. This is her life—to harass me and to stalk me, to cyberbully me as much as she can, for it seems to be the only pleasure she has in her life. She refuses to lose it. 

I had asked her to stop and to leave me alone—not only over the years since she she began, not only when she resumed again after the police warned her twice, but again in late April 2013 when she resumed aggressively and with obvious malice.

She has no intentions of stopping. She has reworked her entire site since only a week ago, which was when I documented and PDF'ed her entire blog and archived it for the authorities. She has only made it more harmful, more abusive and more offensive.

This is not a blog about the hurt and pain of an adoptee, but the blog of an aggressive, hateful person who seeks to cause chaos and makes pathetic attempts to destroy credibility, reputation, cause trouble within volunteer and non-profit areas and even goes as far as to try to cause unemployment. This is not your typical troublemaker. This is a criminal cyberbully and cyberstalker, who spends hours going over photos of her victim and creating lies and sick defamation because she is overflowing with hatred for everyone, from her adoptive mother to people of color, from me to the Jews to Christians who adopt children, to gay couples who foster in hopes of adopting, this woman lives to hate anyone she can find fault with, and she will find fault. It's her job.

Anyone can use a Public Records service and find out—for a fee—that I have never had a criminal record nor have I ever been arrested or been in jail. I have no violent history. But The Improper adoptee is free to spew anything she likes, because on Blogger, that's your right. Free speech. In this case, though, this is harassment and threatening. She is a cyberbully, a cyberstalker and abusive. Enough is enough. Since she's escalated, her time has to come to an end.

Where on EARTH did this cyberstalker get the libel above about McDade being called, on the phone, 7 times no less, and told he would be killed? Even he wasn't so stupid as to tell a lie as brazen as that. It's not anywhere on his blog. Marilyn McAboy made it up. I'd not be surprised if the original link this lunatic speaks of "being compromised" was a typo she made herself, or McDade rerouting it due to not wanting to be associated with a psychopath. He might be a complete creep and yes, he did abuse many women, including me, but he would not tolerate this one—The Improper Adoptee—at all. If he gets wind of her linking to him, she will surely get "feedback." He never wants "crazy" as part of his alliances. When he originally lied and claimed I was secretly told to do things to debunk him/Seal Shepherd, he claimed I was directly told to do so by Paul Watson. That is no longer stated on his phony cease and desist. The same goes for other ludicrous comments. Anything he felt might get him knee deep into more trouble than he was already in, he deleted. He's basically quiet ever since the entire world realized that yes, he is a fake.

She mentions a blogger called The Abusive Adoptees. It does not exist. It can be registered, if one wanted to use that name, but it's not following this cyberbully who calls herself IMPROPER and it's not hidden. It's just non-existent. I checked.

Why someone would stalk another person for 5 years just because they were deleted from Myspace is beyond my comprehension. Yes, she was deleted. I reported her a few times for violating TOS. Myspace reviewed the violations and removed her account each time she violated their terms. I have the emails as proof. That is not a reason to harass and cyberbully, cyberstalk and abuse a person for years on end. She should have just let it go, but instead she created a blog under the guise of anti-adoption and the very first blog entry mentioned me. In blog entires to follow, entires that had nothing to do with me, she would end the blog entry with a comment about me and a photo she stole off my profile from Myspace before she was removed from that site. Another blog entry, a different photo. That's not just cyberbullying. That's called cyberstalking. And why? Because I tried to reason with insanity. I was stupid enough to try to help this woman in my forum on Myspace, while she was attacked and bullied herself. I made suggestions to her to help keep her from getting flamed, and in return she lashed out. She assumed my message was some mean letter meant to hurt her. It was then that I realized she really was not playing with a full deck. And then came the public posts from her and the bulletins to hundreds. Yes, I reported her and all her abuse and she was kicked off Myspace. It's time she got over it. It was a long time ago. No one cares anymore but her. Even the worst of the trolls from Myspace, the trolls that would try to ruin the forums for animals, the trolls that embedded viruses via scripts in posts they made in my groups...even those trolls who threatened to harass all of us even after Myspace's demise, those trolls couldn't be bothered to keep it up. They just disappeared, their names and photos just memories on Encyclopedia Dramatica. The Improper Adoptee is the only one who was obsessed enough to keep cyberbullying for years to follow.